Toktam Jorshari Instagram Photo, Age and Wiki: Rajon Rondo Accuser

Toktam Jorshari Instagram Photo, Age and Wiki: Rajon Rondo Accuser

Toktam Jorshari Instagram Photo, Age and Wiki: Rajon Rondo Accuser

Toktam Jorshari is an American personality who was a victim in the feud against veteran NBA guard Rojan Rondo and his girlfriend Latoia Fitzgerald. 

According to reports in Jorshari’s lawsuit, she claims that she suffered injuries and issuing both Rondo and his girlfriend for assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy. Moreover, she is seeking unspecified damages in excess of $1 million. Her attorneys say the video is proof that their client was the victim in this case.

Name Toktam Jorshari
Gender Female
Nationality American

10 Facts About Toktam Jorshari

  1. As of now, Toktam Jorshari’s age is still under investigation as there are no details regarding her birth year or birthday. Therefore, her age is unknown.
  2.  Toktam Jorshari is a native of the United States. Thus, she belongs to an American nationality. In fact, she is a Californian native.
  3. So far now, Toktam Jorshari is yet to be featured on Wiki’s bio as she is not a public personality. However, these facts will definitely help to know more about her.
  4. Recently, Toktam Jorshari filed a sued against Rajon Rando and his girlfriend, Latoia Fitzgerald, as per HITC.
  5. In contrast, she claims that she lives in the same apartment where Rajon’s girlfriend resides. Moreover, she claims that Rajon’s car was parked in a handicapped section. And, an argument took place between them after Rajon noticed that his car was getting blocked.
  6. Moreover, this incident was caught in a video where they’re seen arguing. It looks like Rondo was trying to hold back his girlfriend at first but letting her fight afterward.
  7. As being filed, the NBA guard Rajon Rondo was sued for at least $1 million by Jorshari as she was beaten up by Rondo’s girlfriend.
  8. Currently, it is unknown about Toktam Jorshari’s Instagram as there was no account under her name on the Web.
  9. Is she married? Well, this question still seems questionable as there is no relevant information regarding her relationship or dating life.
  10. To sum up, lately, Toktam Jorshari is getting headlines all over the media after the feud where she filed a case against NBA player Rojan Rondo and his girlfriend.

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