Tom Stoltman Mum, Net Worth

Tom Stoltman Height And Weight – How Big Is Strongman?

Tom Stoltman Height And Weight – How Big Is Strongman?

Tom Stoltman lost his mum to Alzheimer dementia last year. Here is everything you need to know about his net worth and height details.

Tom is a strongman competitor who won the 2021 World’s Strongest Man competition, becoming the first man from Scotland to win the World’s Strongest Man.

Tom Stoltman Mum

Tom Stoltman’s mum’s name is Sarah “Sallie” Stoltman.

His mother died at the age of 80 years, and she was just 5 days short of her 81st birthday. Moreover, she died very peacefully surrounded by family.

Talking about Tom’s siblings, he also has an elder brother named Luke Stoltman, who has become Scotland’s Strongest Man 5 times.

Tom Stoltman Net Worth Revealed

Tom Stoltman’s net worth is surely in millions.

However, he has never revealed any information about his actual net worth as he refuses to publicize his assets.

Tom has worked very hard to achieve what he has today, and all his hard work and determination have paid him millions.

We can meet Tom on Instagram under the username @tomstoltmanofficial.

Here he has shared more than six hundred posts and has been able to gain 241 thousand followers.

Tom Stoltman Height And Weight

Stoltman has a height of 6 feet 8 inches.

Similarly, he weighs 174 kg in weight.

He has a very well-built body structure, and regular workouts and exercises have given him a very healthy body.

What Is His Age?

Tom Stoltman age is 27 years old.

This Strongest Man was born on May 30, 1994, but the actual birthplace of this bodybuilder has not been disclosed anywhere yet.

Stoltman was diagnosed with autism at the age of five, but he tackled his disease and became a successful bodybuilder.

His Wikipedia Bio

Stoltman has a Wikipedia page under his name.

According to Stoltman’s Wikipedia bio, he was married to his wife named Sinead Stoltman, in 2015.

Moreover, Tom finished tied for 5th in the 2019 World’s Strongest Man final with four-time champion Brian Shaw.

From his bio, we can also know that Tom is a huge supporter of Rangers F.C.

At the 2020 World’s Strongest Man competition in Bradenton, Florida, Stoltman finished 2nd, winning three of the six events in the final.

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