Tommy Robinson Net Worth 2021

Tommy Robinson Net Worth 2021 – Why Did He Change His Name?

Tommy Robinson Net Worth 2021 – Why Did He Change His Name?

Tommy Robinson net worth in 2021 has surpassed the million-dollar mark. Why did he change his name? Here’s the complete information on his salary and earnings.

EDL founder Robinson is a far-right and anti-Islam activist. Reportedly, he had worked as the political advisor to Gerard Batten.

Moreover, Tommy is an author of the books, Tommy Robinson Enemy Of The State, Mohammed’s Koran, and Censored: How The West Became Soviet Russia.

Well, he has also appeared in several television shows and movies. The popular ones are Panorama, The Nazi Pug: Joke or Hate?, Manchester: A Years Of Hate Crime, etc.

What Is Tommy Robinson Net Worth 2021?

Tommy Robinson’s estimated net worth in 2021 is about $1.2 million.

Most probably, he raised money from the Facebook charities he conducted. Reportedly, he continued collecting money as donations for several months in 2018.

However, Facebook came to know that the money wasn’t being used for charity. Instead, there was a new conspiracy theory stating he was using the amount to fight for legal actions against the British government.

Until now, Tommy has been imprisoned four times, each of separate terms. After learning about the misuse of the charity feature, Facebook immediately removed his page.

Again, in November 2018, Paypal decided to cut off process payments on his behalf. Before working as an activist, Tommy used to work at Rebel Media.

Reportedly, he received nearly $6 thousand as a monthly salary while working there. Indeed, he has good earnings from his profession of activist and politician.

In 2012, he started to serve at the British Freedom Party. Indeed, his net worth compared to other members was high as he was a chairman there. 

Why Did Tommy Robinson Change His Name?

Tommy Robinson changed his name to disguise his criminal activities.

Actually, he was born Stephen Christopher Yaxley. Later, he changed his name to Tommy Robinson.

According to Wikipedia, the name is a pseudonym taken from the Men In Gear football hooligan crew. Despite his criminal activities were hidden for a long time, Searchlight magazine uncovered everything in July 2010.

Reportedly, Tommy has other aliases too – Andrew McMaster, Paul Harris, and Wayne King. Undoubtedly, these names were taken to hide his criminal records.

Well, Robinson has multiple criminal charges against him. Some of them include financial and immigration frauds, violence, public order offenses, and drug possession.

Activist Tommy Latest News

Tommy Robinson’s latest news is that he lost a high-court libel case.

According to BBC, he lost his case to a Syrian schoolboy. Reportedly, Tommy claimed that Jamal Hijazi had attacked young English girls.

One day, Jamal was filmed being attacked at Almondbury School. Later, Mr. Justice Nicklin believed the story of Hijazi and he granted him £100 thousand for his damages.

After the video went viral, Tommy claimed that the boy wasn’t innocent. Moreover, he claims that Jamal beat a girl black and blue and also threatened to stab a boy.

As an independent journalist, Tommy revealed that the media didn’t believe his story. Well, he even had to represent himself during the trial.

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