Tonesterpaints Tiktok, Age, Girlfriend, Ig, Sherwin-Williams: How Old?

Tonesterpaints Tiktok: Who Is Sherwin-Williams Paint Mixer? How Old?

Tonesterpaints Tiktok: Who Is Sherwin-Williams Paint Mixer? How Old?

Tonesterpaints is a popular TikTok user with more than 1.4 million followers on his official TikTok account. He is very famous for his unique video content where he explains how colors are made. This has actually been very helpful to a lot of people all around the globe but there are problems with some of them including the former company he worked in.

Name Tonesterpaints (Anthony Piloseno)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession TikTok Star
Education Ohio University
Instagram @tonesterpaints
Twitter @tonesterpaints
Youtube Tonester Paints

Tonesterpaints was an employee at Sherwin-Williams and used to earn quite well from there. However, Tonesterpaints’ videos did not seem to entertain them and due to this reason, he was fired immediately. Well, Tonesterpaints’s intentions were not actually bad as he had even planned to help the company as he thought his TikTok videos would actually help them earn a huge market. 

10 Facts on Tonesterpaints:

  1. Tonesterpaints was fired for mixing paints in his videos and all of his videos were filmed during his working hours. This was the major reason behind the company firing him.
  2. In addition to that, the company also clearly added to his termination paper stating that he had wasted a lot of the company’s properties and he made the entire company embarrassed. 
  3. Apart from just TikTok, he also has a YouTube channel where his contents are similar. He has already earned 671 subscribers there.
  4. Also, we can follow Tonesterpaints on popular social media accounts including both Instagram (31.9 thousand followers) and Twitter (615 followers). 
  5. After people found out that he was fired from Sherwin-Williams, people completely disagreed with the company’s decision and they have said that it is unfair to fire someone that way.
  6. Moreover, Tonesterpaints was paid a very minimum wage and one of the users on TikTok even said that he had advertised the company for absolutely free. 
  7. Currently, we do not really know how old Tonesterpaints is but we can say that he is around his thirties.
  8. Also, nothing has really been found out about how tall Tonesterpaints is and how much he weighs currently.
  9. From his Instagram bio, we have found out that he is a student at Ohio University
  10. According to HITC, his real name has been published to be Anthony Piloseno

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