Toni Gojanovic Age Wikipedia, Girlfriend And Instagram: Before We Die

Toni Gojanovic: Meet The Actor From Before We Die On Instagram

Toni Gojanovic: Meet The Actor From Before We Die On Instagram

What is Toni Gojanovic age? He is one of the actors in the crime drama Before We Die. Please get to know about his Girlfriend and Instagram. 

Toni is a Croatian actor known for his works in The Border Post, Not All About Money, and Uspjeh.

Some of his upcoming credits are Before We Die, Fünf Finger sind ne Faust, and Sixth Bus.

Toni Gojanovic: Age and Wikipedia

Toni Gojanovic’s age is 39 years old.

He was born in 1982 in Sibenik, Croatia, but his birth month has not been mentioned. 

Further, Toni has a Wikipedia bio on himself, but the Wikipedia page in the Croatian language.

Gojanovic is one of the important figures in the crime drama “Before We Die,” based on the hit Swedish series of the same name.

Toni plays Davor Mimica, who is a successful restaurant owner by day and a ruthless criminal at night. 

“Before We Die” is set to premiere on May 26, at 9 pm on Channel 4. 

Likewise, his name has been credited in many movies and appeared in Croatian production, including Uspjeh, The Border Post, and Sixth Bus. 

In 2018, he also did a short film called Jewelry Junky, and he played the character, Doug. 

He is also notably known in Germany and has worked in several theatres before he moved to Stuttgart. 

Who is Toni Gojanovic Girlfriend?

There is no information regarding Toni Gojanovic girlfriend at present.

He possibly could be single, or he doesn’t want the public to know about it if he is in a relationship. 

So far, there is also no record of his past relationships, not even with his co-actors. 

Meet Him on Instagram

Toni is found using an Instagram account.

So far, he only has 1126 followers and 135 posts. 

He is very active on his IG handle and pictures, along with stories, now and then.

Toni has beautiful pictures and surely has good looks, which are available on his Instagram posts. He also shares pictures of his travel and chilling with his friends.

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