Tony Oppedisano Wikipedia Age Wife & Net Worth: Frank Sinatra’s Friend

Who Is Tony Oppedisano? Everything To Know About Him

Who Is Tony Oppedisano? Everything To Know About Him

Tony Oppedisano is not featured on Wikipedia yet. But his friendship with Frank Sinatra will be revealed via his book.

No one remembers Frank Sinatra’s personal as well as professional life as Tony. The two shared a unique and intense bond. As a fact, Tony even served as a member of Frank Sinatra’s management team for years.

Now, he has published his own book with all the anecdotes of the late singer.  

Tony Oppedisano Wikipedia: Meet Frank Sinatra’s Friend

Tony Oppedisano doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 

He is an American producer and filmmaker. His notable works include working as the executive producer for the 2017 series Dinner with Don. However, Tony is most popular for another reason!

Oppedisano was a close friend to Frank Sinatra. The pair met each other during the 1970s. Over the years, Oppedisano got to know Sinatra as a family.

He became Sinatra’s road manager and helped him to release two platinum albums. Likewise, he is also the producer of the documentary “To Be Frank: Sinatra at 100.” Moreover, Tony even supported Frank on May 14, 1998, when he passed away in hospital.

How Old Is Tony Oppedisano? 

Tony Oppedisano is decades younger in age than Frank Sinatra. 

If alive today, Frank would have been 105 years old. So, we speculate that Tony Oppedisano might be around 70s years old. However, his exact birthday is not currently disclosed yet. 

Tony adds decent net worth to his fortune, which is still under review. He is a producer and manager at Winbrook Entertainment. In addition, he has 9 credited works as a producer alone.

Apart from Sinatra, Oppedisano also has experience as a manager for the comedian Don Rickles.

Tony Oppedisano Wife and Family Explored

Tony Oppedisano shares very less information about his wife. 

Apparently, his family originally from Brooklyn, New York. However, the producer currently lives in Los Angeles. Despite his secretive lifestyle, Tony’s professional life and relationship with Frank are well-known.

On June 28, 2021, Oppedisano released his book titled Sinatra and Me: In the Wee Small Hours. The book reportedly depicts an “extraordinarily intimate look at the singing idol.” 

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