Tony Romano Decatur IL – Why Was Tony Romano Arrested?

Tony Romano Decatur IL – Why Was Tony Romano Arrested?

Tony Romano Decatur IL – Why Was Tony Romano Arrested?

Tony Romano is a real estate agent from Decatur IL. Why was Romano arrested? Learn everything about him in this artifact.

Developer Anthony aka Tony is the owner of Romano Company. Reportedly, it is one of the top producers in the real estate business.

Moreover, Tony is recognized for providing quality residential and commercial services via his company. Indeed, he works with the finest craftsmen and skilled professionals.

Who Is Tony Romano From Decatur IL?

Real estate agent Tony Romano is a resident of Decatur, Illinois.

Reportedly, his company is located at 100 South Water Street Suite 101. Tony, along with his entire team are focused on providing quality products in every field they work.

According to Herald Review, he totally transformed the 100-years-old Millikin Court Building. He was quite impressed by the bones of the building.Apart from the Millikin Court Building, he has worked on other multiple big projects. Thus, we can claim that Tony is a renowned real estate developer.

Well, his team never back down and is always ready to fix everything they can. Surprisingly, they do not praise themselves too.

Indeed, Romano is proud of the workers at his company. Every member of his team is committed to a high level of customer satisfaction.

Why Was Tony Romano Arrested?

Tony Romano was rumored to be arrested.

However, there’s no official source regarding his arrest. Since he is in the real estate business, we are sure he has been a center of controversies.

But, nothing about his arrest has yet come out in public. In fact, there’s no article on the internet about his arrest.

However, there are other personalities with similar names who have been arrested for multiple reasons. Maybe, everyone is confused about which Tony was arrested.

Reportedly, WBUR claims that another guy named Tony Romano was a petty criminal. They have confirmed that he was a drug addict working for the FBI who died in 2018.

Indeed, we aren’t speaking about the criminal here. Most probably, the rumors regarding Romano’s arrest are just internet hoaxes.

Where Is Tony From Illinois Now?

Probably, Tony Romano is in his hometown of Illinois.

Via his company’s website, he has shared his phone number – (217) 424-2426. If you wish to contact him, here is his company’s email [email protected]

Since Tony is not on social media, we are not able to reach him at this hour. We predict that his work is going on well and he is fine.

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