Too Hot To Handle- Davi Kneip Age Wikipedia, Partner And Instagram

Too Hot To Handle- Davi Kneip Age Wikipedia, Partner And Instagram

Too Hot To Handle- Davi Kneip Age Wikipedia, Partner And Instagram

Davi Kneip, age 22, is a Brazilian Social media star and DJ. Here is more about him.

Davi Kneip is a cast for the show “Too Hot To Handle Brazil”.

A reality TV show on Netflix, hosted by a virtual assistant named “Lana”, the show revolves around 10 adults who are placed together in a house for four weeks 

Too Hot To Handle- Davi Kneip Wikipedia And Biography

David Kneip cannot be found on Wikipedia at the moment. However, he might grab a Wiki bio in some time.

Davi Kneip is a famous DJ, Tiktok Star, and a model from São Paulo, Brazil. 

He graduated from Brazil University and now works as a full-time artist and influencer. His journey to fame started on January 2, 2017, on Instagram. He also started his own YouTube channel, where he posts his music, pranks, gameplay, and reactionary videos.

Davi Kneip’s height is 5ft and 8in and he weighs in at around 72kg.

Davi Kneip: Family and Partner

Davi Kneip is born to Haras Kneip, his father who is a professional Horse Breeder, and mother, Maria Cristina Toniut Kneip, who is the owner, and Director at Grupo Perfect Security and Sevices.

He has a younger brother, Felipe Kneip.

Davi Kneip was reportedly dating Minn Borges in 2018 and Virginia Wanderley in 2019, where he disclosed this information on his YouTube channel. 

Davi Kneip: Instagram and Social Medias

Davi Kneip is very active on many social media, and with his flowers numbering in the millions, very successful too.


Davi Kneip can be found on Instagram under the username @davikneip, where he posts many pictures as a model.


Davi Kneip can be found in TikTok under the username @davikneip, where he became known for his lipsync videos.


Hahahah @netflixbrasil

♬ som original – Davi Kneip


Davi Kneip can be found in Twiter under the username @davikneip.


And lastly, his Youtube Channel, where he posts all his Music videos, trolls, gameplay, etc. under the handle name, David Kneip.

Davi Kneip: Career

Davi Kneip is an artist who has released several music videos on his YouTube channel and has a loyal following on Spotify. He has become a household name on Instagram and TikTok with more than 5 million followers combined.

His most recent career choice was to be cast in the “Too Hot to Handle Brazil”.

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