Top Chef Gabriel Erales Wife Linda Young

Top Chef Gabriel Erales Wife Linda Young – When Were They Married?

Top Chef Gabriel Erales Wife Linda Young – When Were They Married?

Who is Gabriel Erales wife? He is happily married to Linda Young. Here is everything to know about the Top Chef. 

Bravo aired the finale of Top Chef’s 18th season on Thursday night, with Austin chef Gabe Erales crowned the winner. 

As Gabe has consistently impressed throughout the competition, fans weren’t surprised by his placement in the final.

However, Erales’s win was quickly overshadowed, as speculation about his recent firing from Austin Mexican restaurant Comedor circled on social media.

Get To Know Top Chef Gabriel Erales

Gabriel Erales also known as Gabe is one of the three finalists heading to the Top Chef season 18 finale. There were fifteen contestants competing this year, with the best of the best making it to the final.

He is originally from El Paso, Texas. His cooking style is largely influenced by his Mexican heritage.

A natural chef, Gabe Erales has been honing skills since the age of 15, when he started working in professional kitchens.

Likewise, he graduated with his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas in 2002 before pursuing his passion for cooking at prestigious culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in 2006.

Erales currently owns his own restaurant, a Mexican-inspired eatery called Bacalar. It is thought to open later this year, in the Fall.

Gabriel Erales Wife Linda Young: When Were They Married?

Gabriel Erales is married to his wife Linda Young. 

Based on his Facebook, the couple has been together for over a decade. 

She first appeared on his Facebook in December of 2010. 

The couple shares a beautiful life with their four kids; a son named Ezrah, and his three daughters Gabriella, Penelope, and one other anonymous kid. 

Gabriel Erales Family Details

Chef Gabe Erales was born and raised in the culturally rich border town of El Paso, TX.

He formed an early appreciation for the food his parents prepared which ignited his passion for cooking and was heavily influenced by his family’s Mexican culture. 

Despite placing a huge influence on cooking, Erales has kept a low profile and silent about his mother and father including their names. 

His Net Worth 

His net worth is also not mentioned online. 

Further, Erales main source of income comes through being a chef. This means he is already earning well, and making a good fortune out of it. 

Chef Gabriel Erales: Wikipedia

Chef Gabriel Erales is absent from Wikipedia. 

Similarly, his age details are also not disclosed on the web. 

Looking at his physique he seems to fall at the age range of 30-40 years old. 

In addition, Gabriel was fired from his position as the opening executive chef of Comedor in December 2020, two months after shooting for Top Chef wrapped. 

The restaurant’s partner and chef Philip Speer first announced his departure in vague yet serious terms, saying Erales was terminated for “repeated violations of our policies and for behavior in conflict with our values.”

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