Tracie Keesee Wikipedia Bio, Spouse And Hair: Is She Married?

Tracie Keesee Husband: What Happened To Her Hair?

Tracie Keesee Husband: What Happened To Her Hair?

Tracie Keesee is a police veteran. Here is everything about her Wikipedia bio and spouse. 

One of the most influential people in New York, Tracie Keesee has committed to make the New York Police Department the most diverse place. She has been quite instrumental in uplifting the standard of people all around the globe. 

She has appeared in Ted Talks as well and is currently associated with Policing Equity. 

Tracie Keesee Wikipedia Bio: Get to know the police veteran

Tracie Keesee is yet to have a Wikipedia biography but there is no shortage of articles about her on the web. 

With over 25 years of experience as a police captain of the Denver Police Department, Kessie has worked at NYPD as a Deputy Commissioner of Equity and Inclusion. She has played a pivotal role in shaping the NYPD with diversified staff. 

Prior to that, she has trained young people at NYPD for more than two years. Besides, the former police captain has appeared in a lot of talk shows and leaves her impact wherever she goes. 

Tracie Keesee Spouse: Is she married?

Tracie Keesee has not shared anything about her spouse. She did mention that she worked as a single parent. 

Entirely dedicated her life to the police force, she merely talks about her personal life. So, we are not able to extract any information on her husband and children for the time being. 

Also, she has earned quite a lot of money along with a stellar reputation. But her net worth is yet to be determined and will be updated as soon as possible. 

Tracie Keesee Hair: What happened to her hair?

Tracie Keesee is also known for her distinct hairstyles. 

As of now, the police veteran has shaved her head completely and she has ensured that it has nothing to do with any medical condition or illness. 

Keesee works as the Senior Vice President of the Justice Initiatives. 

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