Transgender Student Birth Name, Age And Parents

Who Is Gavin Grimm? Transgender Student Who Sued To Use Bathroom

Who Is Gavin Grimm? Transgender Student Who Sued To Use Bathroom

Gavin Grimm Wikipedia does not mention his birth name. He prefers to be known by his legal identity.

After 6 years of back and forth debate, the Gavin bathroom case finally came to a verdict. On June 28, 2021, the Supreme court ruled the lawsuit in the victory of Gavin.

Gavin Grimm Wikipedia: Meet The Transgender Male Student Activist

Gavin Grimm lawsuit story does have a Wikipedia biography. 

Grimm was assigned as a female at birth. However, he always felt trapped inside his body.

Eventually, Gavin came out as a transgender male as a student in 9th grade.

After his public transition, he started using the male bathroom. However, the parents of some students were not happy with Gavin’s actions. They eventually complained to the school board of Gloucester County.

This forced the activist to use either the birth gender or unisex restroom. Furthermore, he even became the subject of bully from other students. 

Troubled by the homophobia, Gavin took the bathroom case to the district court in June 2015.

Though he initially won the case, the election of the Trump administration had forced his hearing to pending. The recent change in Biden policy finally favored Gavin Grimm’s case in the Supreme Court. 

What is Gavin Grimm Birth Name And Age 

Gavin Grimm birth name is not disclosed.

It was Grimm’s mother who helped him to pick the name “Gavin.”

Likewise, she even threw a birthday party with “Gavin” name written on the cake shortly after he came out.

In July 2014, he officially changed his name to Gavin Elliot Grimm. Therefore, we understand that he might not be comfortable sharing his previous name.

Gavin is the age of 22 years old.

He is a native of Virginia in the United States. 

Meet His Parents 

Gavin Grimm parents are David Grimm and Deirdre Grimm.

Fortunately, Gavin had a strong support system from the start.

In fact, his father and brother started to refer to him by he/him pronouns soon after he came out.

His family even supported his medical transiting, which started in 10 grade. Similarly, they also assisted his lawsuit journey.

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