Trent Thorburn Age and Instagram: Tiahleigh Palmer Case Update

How old Is Trent Thorburn? Tiahleigh Palmer Case Update

How old Is Trent Thorburn? Tiahleigh Palmer Case Update

How old is Trent Thorburn age? He was sentenced to jail for sexually harassing a schoolgirl. Her case has been the highlighted news in today’s date.

Trent Thorburn is a foster brother of Tiahleigh Palmer, a 12-year-old school who was sexually harassed by Trent. She was killed by her foster father, Rick Thorburn on October 29, 2015, after knowing that his son is having sex with her and got her pregnant. 

It’s quite depressing that children are not safe and can’t trust anyone in the world, not even relatives. The case is so complicated that they even tried to divert the case with a new story. Whatsoever, the criminal will be punished sooner or later. 

Trent Thorburn Age: How Old Is he?

Trent is 20 years of age at present according to Daily Mail.

We must not deny the fact, a guy, like Trent, might be anywhere hunting for girls. 

There is also a Redheart campaign run to raise public awareness and to support her untimely death. 

Most importantly, parents should speak against child abuse. As per Palmer’s case, her parents didn’t listen to her, when she told her foster mother that she was sexually abused by Trent. 

Is Trent On Instagram? 

Trent is currently not active on Instagram.

However, we can get to know him in several news portals and magazines. 

Where is Trent now? Well, Trent is serving a life sentence of imprisonment for the murder of Tiah. He will not be released until September 2036.

The news has nearly given goosebumps in our bodies. There is a Wikipedia page regarding her murder and the entire case was explained in a detailed manner.

Trent Thorburn: Tiahleigh Palmer Case Update

The murder of a 12-year-old Australian girl, Tiahleigh Palmer has been the talk of the town.

As per the reports from News, she was murdered and her body was dumped into a river on the Gold Coast in 2015. 

All culprits, including Rick Thorburn who has been involved in the murder, were getting severe punishment by the court of law. 


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