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Tsikyo Twitch Age No Makeup: How old is she? Get to know every detail about the Twitch streamer.

Tsikyo Twitch partner has 41.5 thousand followers. She is active mostly from 12 PM to 2 PM PST.

Professionally, Tsikyo is considered to be a gamer. Some of her favorite and most played games include Genshin Impact, Mario Kart 8, Art, and Little Nightmares. If you are having trouble pronouncing her name, try to say Sai-kiyo.

Tsikyo Age Revealed

Tsikyo current age is 17 years, according to World Cosplay. Even at such a young age, she has already made a great career by simply playing games.

We predict that this young cosplayer is going to have an amazing career in the future too. Her looks are stunning, and her beauty is absolutely perfect for being a cosplayer.

Tsikyo With No Makeup

Tsikyo, with no makeup, still looks stunning! Just like any other cosplayer, she uses makeup during cosplays.

We have come to know that she is a huge Kemonomimi fan. Maybe this is the reason why she often represents a character with animal features. You can check all of her pictures on her social media. Apart from the pictures of cosplays, you will also be able to see her with no makeup.

Quick Facts:

Name Tsikyo
Age 17 years
Gender Female
Nationality Chinese-American
Profession Twitch Star, Cosplayer, Gamer
Married/Single Single
Instagram @tsikyocos
Twitter @tsikyo
Youtube Tsikyo
Facebook @tsikyocosplay

Facts On Tsikyo

  1. Tsikyo’s real name is Dawn Nyan. Well, Tsikyo is just her username on social media.
  2. Moving on, we can surely find Tsikyo on Instagram. She has approximately 212 thousand followers under her username of @tsikyocos.
  3. Moreover, Tsikyo is a Twitch star who describes herself as a cat lover. She is a verified user and is mostly uploading content related to cosplays.
  4. Furthermore, she can be found on Facebook (2.5 million followers), YouTube (4.7 thousand subscribers), and Twitter (57.2 thousand followers).
  5. According to her bio, she is a Chinese-American. Probably, her parents are Chinese who migrated to the United States. 
  6. However, there is not much to know about her family life. 

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