Twice Chaeyoung Alleged Boyfriend Age, Instagram, Bio

Chim Hwa Sa Tattoo Artist: Facts On Twice Chaeyoung Alleged Boyfriend

Chim Hwa Sa Tattoo Artist: Facts On Twice Chaeyoung Alleged Boyfriend

Chim Hwa Sa is a personality who has hit the internet for a few days now as he has been alleged of dating the popular South Korean singer, Chaeyoung. Although not much is known about the new guy, he has now been a major topic of discussion among the fans of Chaeyoung. Talking about his alleged girlfriend, Chaeyoung aka Son Chae-young is a member of the popular girl group named Twice

Name Chim Hwa Sa (Jung Sung Hyun)
Age 30 years
Gender Male
Nationality South Korean
Profession Tattoo Artist
Married/Single In a relationship with Chaeyoung (alleged)

There was a picture on social media which shows that the singer was with an unknown guy who was later discovered to be Chim Hwa Sa. The picture got a lot of media attention and in a very few hours, it went viral. According to Republic World, many have been very curious to find out who her new boyfriend was and we have collected some interesting facts about him which can be read from below.

10 Facts on Chim Hwa Sa:

  1. Chim Hwa Sa’s profession has been found out to be a tattoo artist and we believe he earns quite well from his work.
  2. Moreover, people found out that the girl in the market was Chaeyoung after they realized that she was wearing the same hat which she wore on a live radio show recently. 
  3. Chaeyoung‘s alleged boyfriend, Chim Hwa Sa’s real name actually stands out to be Jung Sung Hyun
  4. Talking about his nationality, he is definitely South Korean just like his alleged girlfriend. 
  5. According to HITC, Chim Hwa Sa has an age difference of exactly 9 years from the popular singer, and thus, he is exactly 30 years old right now.
  6. Even though a lot of people have been happy for Chaeyoung, there are still a lot of fans who remain absolutely stunned after finding out the shocking age difference between the couple. 
  7. Currently, we have not been able to find Chim Hwa Sa’s official Instagram profile but the research is going on and we will update about it very soon.
  8. Furthermore, we are unknown about his height, weight, and body measurements. 
  9. Also, we have no idea about his educational qualification yet.
  10. In addition to that, we are unable to find information regarding his parents and other family members too. 

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