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Pulgaboy Twitch age is revealed. Get to know more about Pulgaboy, who has already made a strong name for himself in the Fortnite world.

Pulgaboy is a Brazilian professional Fortnite player who is associated with Team Liquid currently. Apart from his competitive career, he is also a well-known Twitch streamer and a YouTube content creator.

On his Twitch streaming, Pulgaboy mostly goes chatting and streaming Fortnite gameplay. Only having started streaming professionally within the last two years, Pulgaboy has already echoed his name in the gaming industry.

Pulgaboy Twitch: What Is His Age?

Pulgaboy Twitch can be found on the Web. He is actively streaming on his Twitch account. He has a Twitch account with massive followers of 395k. 

Pulgaboy age is 22 years as of now. He has flashed his age on his Twitch bio.  He is quite young with a good sense of gaming.  

Pulgaboy Real Name Revealed

Pulgaboy real name is Thales Henique. Most often, he is known by the in-game name Pulgaboy. 

Pulgaboy can be seen on Instagram bio. Presently, Pulgaboy is active on Instagram with immense followers of 259k. We can find his personal insights and eye-catching pictures on his Instagram. Altogether, he has 97 posts to date.

Quick Facts:

Name Pulgaboy
Age 22
Gender Male
Nationality Brazilian
Profession Twitch Star
Married/Single Dating: Nathye
Instagram @thaleshenriquecg
Twitter @thaleshcg
Youtube Pulga


Some Interesting Facts About Pulgaboy

  1. We can picture Pulgaboy and his girlfriend on many Instagram posts. His girlfriend’s name is Nathye, who is also a professional Video Creator.
  2. The professional Fortnite player for Team Liquid is also available on Twitter. He joined Twitter in March 2017. He has more than 215.3k followers and 686 followings.
  3. Pulgaboy’s net worth is yet to get disclosed thus far. He makes exceptional earnings from his streaming career.
  4. Pulgaboy is yet to get embraced on the Wikipedia page. However, with his recent rise to fame, he is bound to get one in the near future.
  5. You all can find Pulgaboy gear, computer specification, sensitivity, and other aspects of Fortnite on High Ground Gaming.
  6. He is also a well-established YouTuber. He has a YouTube channel with 352k subscribers.

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