Twitter Flooded With Sensitive Video

Babychar17 TikTok Buss It Challenge: Twitter Flooded With Sensitive Video

Babychar17 TikTok Buss It Challenge: Twitter Flooded With Sensitive Video

Among TikTok challenges this year, Buss It Challenge has taken a different turn on Twitter through improvisation by Babychar17. Here is the Babychar17 TikTok Buss It Challenge explained. 

Since the turn of the year, the Buss It challenge has become a major social media attraction. Started from TikTok, the trend has made its way all the way to Twitter as well. 

Even though the first edition of the Buss It Challenge was harmless, a few people have improvised to make it a little insidious over few weeks. It started with Slim Santana, a Twitter user who uploaded an adult sensitive video as the Buss It Challenge. 

Following her predecessor, another Twitter user, Babychar17 has taken over the Buss It Challenge and her video has taken Twitter by storm. 

Babychar17 TikTok Buss It Challenge

If you have seen Slim Sanatana’s Buss It Challenge already, then Babychar17’s Buss It Challenge won’t be a surprise for you. Like the previous one, Babychar17 has uploaded a 16-second video of the Buss It Challenge that went viral.

The video consists of Erica Banks’s new song “Buss It.” However, it leads to sexual content at the end of the video. Hence, the content may be undesirable for many viewers. 

Who is Babychar17? Twitter viral, Onlyfans

Babychar17 is a social media influencer and adult film star who makes videos on OnlyFans. Similarly, you can find her on Twitter as well. She has more than 13k Twitter followers. 

Her Buss It Challenge went viral on Twitter. The video has amassed over 400k views in a single day. 

Babychar17 Buss It Challenge: Reactions and TikTok

To be clear, Babychar17 uploaded the video on TikTok but her account was banned at once. TikTok doesn’t allow pornographic content. But Twitter does. So, you can find her video still on Twitter.

Hence, people are talking about her challenge on TikTok and Twitter. Many have argued that it is better than Slim Santana’s Buss It Challenge. Still, the video is user-sensitive and such challenges are better off ignored.

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