Ty Gibbs Parents And Siblings

Coy Gibbs And Heather Gibbs: Meet Ty Gibbs Parents

Coy Gibbs And Heather Gibbs: Meet Ty Gibbs Parents

Learn everything about Ty Gibbs’s parents, Coy Gibbs and Heather Gibbs. 

The Gibbs family is not an unknown one for the NASCAR racing fans. Led by the legendary Joe Gibbs, fame has followed his generations as his grandson, Coy Gibbs wins his debut race series on February 20, 2021. 

The 18-year-old driver has won the Xfinity Daytona Road Course race at the start of the racing series. That makes his first-ever professional racing title. The teenager is following the legacy of his family, of course. 

Speaking of his family, let’s get to know about his parents. 

Ty Gibbs Parents: Coy and Heather Gibbs

Ty Gibbs was born to Coy Gibbs and his wife, Heather Gibbs. 

His father, Coy Gibbs is also a former professional NASCAR racer. He has now moved on to owning stock cars from racing them. Besides, he also served as the assistant coach of the Washington Redskins football team (now Washington Football team.)

Similarly, Ty’s mother, Heather Gibbs is a real estate agent at Dickens Mitchener. Based in Michigan, she has bought and sold over 12 homes throughout her career as per her CV on the company’s website. 

Meet Ty’s Siblings and Family

The racer’s other family includes his three siblings. 

Ty Gibbs has two brothers, Case and Jett Gibbs. Simialrly, the stock racer also has a sister, Ellie

How long have Coy and Heather been together?

Ty Gibbs’s parents have been together for more than two and half decades. 

Coy and Heather Gibbs first met each other in 1995 as their date was set up by Ty’s brother-in-law. Both of them felt a spark right then and have been together ever since. They have had a beautiful wedding in presence of the racing legend, Joe Gibbs. 

Coy’s father, Joe Gibbs won the NASCAR Cup Series Championships five times. Moreover, he was also the head coach of the Washington Redskins of NFL. 

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