Tyler Dixon Age, Instagram and Wiki: Saffron Barker Boyfriend 2020

Tyler Dixon Age, Instagram and Wiki: Saffron Barker Boyfriend 2020

Tyler Dixon Age, Instagram and Wiki: Saffron Barker Boyfriend 2020

Tyler Dixon is the boyfriend of the famous Youtube star and author, Saffron Barker. The youtube sensation has finally found the perfect boyfriend for her, thanks to the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The couple met for the first time online and started chatting instantly. 

As per the Fashion blogger’s interview, she had a lot of time to spare as she was forced indoors by the pandemic. Hence, she followed Tyler back and started chatting with him. The two of them became a couple without even meeting. It made her realize that he is exactly what she needs.

They have recently met for the first time and went on a romantic vacation in Santorini, Greece. It is great to see that the youtube sensation has found a silver lining during these hard times. Here is complete information about her boyfriend. 

Name Tyler Dixon
Age Around 20-25 Years Old
Gender Male
Nationality British
Married/Single Dating

10 Facts on Tyler Dixon

  1. Tyler Dixon is the new and handsome boyfriend of social media star and Youtuber, Saffron Barker. 
  2. Saffron, who is 20, has not revealed the age of her boyfriend though. She loves people to keep guessing. 
  3. Just like Saffron. Tyler also has a huge Instagram presence. 
  4. The guy has more than 160k followers on Instagram. It doesn’t take a genius to say that most of the followers are Safforn’s fans. 
  5. However, there’s no way that anyone would dedicate him a Wikipedia biography. Surprisingly, Saffron doesn’t have one either. 
  6. Neither is there any information on his job until now. What does he do for a living? Well, it is a mystery. 
  7. Tyler does seem like a tall guy as he is taller than Saffron in their romantic photos. 
  8. The two met each other after dating. Yes, they met online and fell for each other. 
  9. However, they used to have cute virtual dates every day until they finally decided to jet off to Greece. 
  10. The YouTuber has a current net worth of around $1 Million. She initially rose to fame in 2015.  

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