Unsellable Houses Twins Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb Age, Net Worth and Wikipedia

HGTV: Unsellable Houses Twins, Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb

HGTV: Unsellable Houses Twins, Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb

HGTV is known for its interior design and home improvement related content, the network has a show called ‘Unsellable Houses’ on which twins Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis sell even the most horrendous houses. 

They of course have the support of various designers and renovators on-hand but it is mostly them who flip the house that even the owners thnk cannot be sold. Learn 

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis Age

There is no public information about the birthdate of the twins but according to various estimates, their age ranges from 35 to 45 years old.

According to a public records website they are 39 years old as of July 2020 but this information is yet to be verified. 

Leslie Watches Over The Finances Of Selling Homes 

Leslie has had experience in finance and accounting. She has her own real-estate called the Lamb Real Estate company, she has worked at her own company for more than 12 years. According to her portfolio, she has a strong background in sales. 

Due to her background, she is the one who watches the financial side of selling a house. All the expenditure and investment goes through her before it is approved. 

Lyndsay Is The Marketing Brains Of The Operation

While her sister watches the money, Lyndsay makes sure the house is marketed well. She has a strong marketing background and even worked as a Marketing officer in Dream Dinners for 4 years. 

Before this, she was a baker in the Bank Of America. This was her first major job and she started work at the bank in January 2001. She left the job in April 2005. 

She is currently self-employed at Lamb Real Estate, she is the owner of the firm. The company was established more than 12 years ago in June 2008. 

She has real-estate dealing all over the world but their main focus is on the Snohomish & King County real estate market. 

The Twins Are Also Charitable In The Community 

Both sisters are incredibly involved in the real estate market and have become household names in their community due to their show but they still partake in community work. 

Lindsay says on her bio that she is as passionate about giving back to the community as she is about flipping houses. In fact, this is one of the reasons she established her own company. Prior to April 2009, she was a successful marketing director.

She traveled all over the US as a marketing director. Then, she pursued her own business and started giving back to the community. 

From her company, she provides services to her clients like mortgage referrals, insurance information, relocation services, staging homes, and more. 

The Twins’ Show: Unsellable Houses

Lamb and Davis hos their own show called the Unsellable Houses. On the show, they are challenged with selling homes in the Seattle area that have been marked unsellable by market experts.

Over the course of the show, they will renovate, and flip houses and sell them using their own abilities. The sisters are confident they can sell any house and have sued all of their skills on the show. 

They are already popular names in the Pacific Northwest region because of their business, Lamb Real Estate. 

The twins were approached by HGTV to take their talents on-screen and they agreed. When asked why they did so, they said that they love helping people.

In Seattle, they will undertake the monstrous task of selling some ransacked houses in the Seattle area in just 30 days. Leslie and Davis will have to tackle houses that have been in the market for more than 120 days. 


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