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Who is Richard Torres Estrada? Get to know Pentagon Diversity Chief

Who is Richard Torres Estrada? Get to know Pentagon Diversity Chief

Richard Torres Estrada is the new Pentagon Diversity Chief. Get to know his wife and family. 

The United States Department of Defence has hired Richard Torres Estrada as the new Diversity Chief at US Special Operations Command. Estrada has a history of military service for several years. 

However, several military conducts were investigating him because of his controversial posts on social media. In one of his Facebook posts, he compared former President Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler and stated them to be the same. 

However, his new post has been finalized despite such posts on Facebook and Twitter. 

Richard Torres Estrada Wife: Who is the Pentagon Chief Director Married to?

Richard Torres Estrada has not revealed anything about his wife and children yet. 

The former military person is married though. But he prefers to keep his family out of the unnecessary spotlight. 

As of now, he has the job to promote diversity and inclusion within the US Defence. Following the exposure of his social media memes, Estrada hasn’t given any comment on them. 

Richard Torres Estrada Wikipedia: His military service and bio

Richard Torres Estrada doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio for the time being. 

As per his LinkedIn profile, he has a lot of experience in military service. Estrada was the Director in Chief of the Department of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion of Human Resource Management at Virginia. 

Moreover, he is a graduate of Psychology at the University of Puerto Rico. The Pentagon Diversity Chief complete his post-graduate education at Inter American University of Puerto Rico School of Law. 

Estrada Net Worth And Earnings

Richard Torres Estrada’s net worth remains under review at the moment. 

In his colorful career of more than two decades, Estrada has made a lot of earnings. However, the exact figures are not available at this time. 

Richard Torres Estrada was under investigation as he shared controversial posts on Facebook. The posts were about the former president, Donald Trump, and the Republican senator, Ted Cruz. 

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