Valerie Bacot Wikipedia Age, Children & Family

Valerie Bacot Wikipedia – Everything On Her Verdict And Case Update

Valerie Bacot Wikipedia – Everything On Her Verdict And Case Update

Valerie Bacot may not have personal Wikipedia, but her story is well featured on the Wiki website. What Happened? Find Out!

On , Valérie Bacot pulled the trigger of a revolver on the back of her spouse’s neck. People thought this may be another murder case.

However, what unfolded next was beyond one’s imagination!

Valerie Bacot Age And Wikipedia

Valerie Bacot case does have a Wikipedia bio.

Bacot is the Frenchwoman who admitted to killing her abusive husband, Daniel Polette, in 2016. The judge had sentenced her to 4 years in prison for shooting her partner, who apparently abused her for 2 decades. 

However, the court recently suspended her rest 3 years. Valerie Bacot latest news entails that the judge gave a verdict to release her after serving for one year.

Valerie Bacot is 40 years old in age.

She states that Daniel had been abusing her since she was just 12 years old. Furthermore, Daniel was Valerie’s stepfather at that time/  

Meet Valerie Bacot Children & Family

Valerie Bacot family started falling apart when her parents got divorced in 1992.

Her mother, Joëlle Aubagne, started dating Daniel Polette after the separation. Similarly, reports describe Aubagne as a businesswoman with alcohol issues. 

When Bacot was 17 years old, Polette reportedly raped and impregnated her. However, Aubagne denied the rape and described Valerie and Daniel’s relationship and consensual love. 

Eventually, young Bacot moved with 25 years senior, Polette, and married him.

Valerie Bacot gave birth to 4 children with her former husband.

Over the years, Polette continued to abuse his wife and children. In fact, it is even alleged that he forced Valerie into prostitution. 

Daniel Polette Photos: Murder Trial Update

Valerie Bacot and Daniel Polette photos have been published by The Sun.

Due to the public scrutiny of the case, pictures of late Polette remain limited. Nevertheless, one of his photos has been circulating on the internet.

Besides Valerie, her three children were also involved in buying their father’s dead body. They faced six months suspended prison sentence. 

Valerie Bacot murder trial update has finally provided her freedom. Likewise, french activists cheered as Bacot set her foot free.

The last trial was held a week before Valerie’s release. 

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