Vanessa Pappas Net Worth, Husband, New TikTok CEO, Wiki, Age, Bio

Vanessa Pappas Net Worth: 10 Facts On TikTok New CEO

Vanessa Pappas Net Worth: 10 Facts On TikTok New CEO

Vanessa Pappas was the general manager of the famous current time period social media platform Tiktok and now she is the CEO of the company as its previous CEO Kevin Mayer quits after an ongoing political dispute. Tiktok is a famous app and internet-based web where its users can share a short video to entertain other users. Tiktok is a Beijing based company which was founded in 2012.

Vanessa Pappas took over as CEO of the company as its former CEO quits after only 6 months into the job. Vanessa previously used to look after the company’s content operation, marketing and she also used to work at youtube and she used to look after audience development and creative strategy and would keep an eye on its growth.

Name Vanessa Pappas
Birthday 1980
Age Approx 40
Gender Female
Height approx 5’4″-5’7″
Nationality Australian-American
Ethnicity White
Profession CEO
Net Worth Above $1million
Married/Single Married
Children 1 (Baby girl)
Instagram @v_ness
Twitter @v_ness

10 Facts about Vanessa Pappas:

  1. Vanessa Pappas was born in early 1980 as her exact date of birth is not revealed yet she might be in her 40’s.
  2. Vanessa previously used to work on youtube as she worked there for more than 7 years as she used to look after its growth team, audience development and its creative strategy.
  3. Vanessa used to live in Australia until she was 20 years old then she moved to London for 4 years and since then she has been in the US and she had no chance of turning back as she has been doing her job fantastically.
  4. Vanessa is married but she hasn’t revealed her husband name as she is very secretive and doesn’t like to reveal her private life.
  5. Vanessa and her husband have a 4 years old daughter whose name is Penelope.
  6. Her net worth is more than a million dollars as she has been working in multi-millionaire company for a very long period of time and currently the CEO of TikTok.
  7. Despite being CEO and former general manager of a famous company Tiktok she doesn’t have her own wiki page and other pages on the web regarding her personal as well as professional information.
  8. Vanessa replaced the former CEO of the company Kevin Mayer who resigned from his post on August 25 due to political differences as US president threatened to banned the app from the country.
  9. Vanessa previously used to live in New York but now she has moved to Los Angeles after she quits her job from Youtube.
  10. She has her own social media platform such as Instagram where her username is @v_ness and her Twitter account whose username is @v_ness.

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