Vanished: Neville Presho Wikipedia And Net Worth

Tory Island Vanishing House – Who Is Neville Presho? Everything To Know

Tory Island Vanishing House – Who Is Neville Presho? Everything To Know

Neville Presho from Tory Island was shocked when his house vanished. Learn about his Wikipedia in this article.

Professionally, Neville is a filmmaker. According to BBC, he hails from County Down, Northern Ireland. Moreover, the filmmaker has won several international awards. Indeed, he is a respected man in the Irish film industry.

Meet Neville Presho From Tory Island

Neville Presho used to be a resident of Tory Island.

He owned one of the oldest houses on the island. Reportedly, it was right above the harbor with panoramic sea views.

Well, Neville was about to leave Ireland for New Zealand soon. However, in July 1994, his house suddenly disappeared. Moreover, the case is still a mystery. When Presho asked his neighbors, many declined to tell him what happened.

Some of the residents of Tory told him that his house had been taken away by the storm.

Furthermore, some claimed that it was taken down by aliens. Sometimes later, Patrick Doohan was accused of getting rid of Neville’s house. Nevertheless, there was no proof to prove that he was guilty.

However, investigators found out that a builder was offered money to demolish the house. However, he had refused the offer.

Neville’s property was damaged by one of the Tory citizens. Later, the court awarded him €46,000 for trespass and interference with his property.

Find Neville Presho On Wikipedia

No, Neville Presho is not on Wikipedia.

Well, we can’t find his biography anywhere on the internet. All we know is that he is a former film director and producer.

Furthermore, we can’t find him on any social media. Since the incident, Neville hasn’t worked as a filmmaker. He has decided to live a low-profile life. Indeed, his life has been traumatized by the incident.

Who Is Neville Presho From The House That Vanished?

Neville Presho’s story has been documented in The House That Vanished.

Speaking about the docu-drama, it is aired on BBC Radio 4. Moreover, it showcases the true mystery of Neville’s vanished house.

Reportedly, the story is written by Jan Carson and is presented by Siobhán McSweeney. Moreover, the documentary features interviews with key people, including Presho.

What Is Neville Net Worth?

Neville Presho’s net worth hasn’t been the same since his house vanished.

As a filmmaker, his earnings were quite well. However, his assets decreased as soon as his house disappeared mysteriously. Now, Neville is living a life alone as the incident broke down his family.

As per official reports, his wife divorced him.

His age was not very old when the incident happened. Now, he is probably in his sixties or seventies.

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