Velvet_7 Twitch Banned, Age Real Name And Boyfriend

Velvet_7 Twitch Banned: What Happened? Everything To Know About Her

Velvet_7 Twitch Banned: What Happened? Everything To Know About Her

It has been a year since Velvet_7 was banned from Twitch. The company alleges the streamer of inappropriate contents. 

Fans are demanding Twitch remove Velvet_7 from the ban list. She has been pealing for her innocence for nearly a year. Now, the new policy changes might bring Velvet back on the platform.  

Why was Velvet_7 Banned From Twitch?

Velvet_7’s was banned from Twitch over alleged inappropriate contents. 

Velvet_7 is a streamer and social influencer. She was mainly popular for her Twitch streams. However, the social site has banned the creator since 2020. 

The company stated that they banned Velvet for “sexually suggestive content”. On the other hand, the streamer has denied all the allegations. She maintains that due to her different body features, she appeared provocative even when she is wearing normal clothes.

This is not the first time Twitch has banned Velvet. Previously, she was banned for 5 weeks regarding similar inappropriate contents. Likewise, she was also banned for an hour for a mistaken racist comment. 

Discover Velvet_7 Age and Real Name

Velvet_7’s age is around 24 years old.

The streamer is a native of Korea. However, she currently resides in Canada. Furthermore, she actively uploads via her Youtube channel, Velvet Tube, where she has amassed over 469k subscribers. 

Velvet_7 states her real name is Velvet. 

Since she is a Korean, she might have a Korean name. However, the social star has not revealed her official name for now.

Who is Velvet_7’s Boyfriend?

Velvet_7’s boyfriend is not disclosed yet.

The social star seems focused on her career right now. However, despite her efforts, Twitch has not retrieved her account. Yet, you can connect her via her Instagram handle @velvet_tube.

While some people support Twitch’s statement, others have called the platform “misogynist” for banning Velvet. Furthermore, fans are even demanding Twitch to redeem Velvet’s account following the recent policy changes.  

Recently, Twitch has updated its policy regarding sexually suggestive content. Its new policy states it will not take enforcement action against anyone for their perceived attractiveness. Yet, time will tell if the company will free Velvet’s account.  

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