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Who Is Vic Rayner Partner? Know About CEO Of National Care Forum

Who Is Vic Rayner Partner? Know About CEO Of National Care Forum

Who is Vic Rayner Partner? Netizens want to know if the CEO is married to someone special in her life. Read the article to know about her marital status. 

Rayner is the CEO of the National Care Forum. 

She is also a journalist and a regular national and international speaker who talks about extensive knowledge and expertise.

Who is Vic Rayner Partner?

Unfortunately, information on Vic Rayner’s partner is unfound. 

Moreover, if she is engaged or in a relationship with someone special in her life, Rayner might want to keep it hidden from the media. 

On the other hand, she might be swamped and focused on the work that she has not found time to keep an eye on finding a life partner. 

We are unsure of her marital status as of now. 

Vic Rayner Wikipedia

Vic Rayner is absent on Wikipedia. 

But, she is active on social media like Twitter and Facebook. 

She joined the National Care organization in 2016 and currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

In addition, Vic is also the trustee of Hestia & Care Workers Charity, a leading charity providing care and support. 

Moreover, she has previously worked as the independent Chair of the Brighton and Hove Fairness Commission, which helps tackle inequalities and promote social justice to the locality. 

Furthermore, before joining the National Care Forum, she was the CEO of Sitra, a leading national membership body exercising excellence in housing, health care, and support. 

Rayner is an undergraduate at the University of York. She did her major in Bachelor of Arts. 

Additionally, she also has a master’s degree in arts from the University of the West of England. 

Details on Her Family 

Rayner has not spoken a word about her family’s details and information on the web. 

Currently, she resides in Coventry, England. 

We know she holds British citizenship, which tells that her parents are natives of the United Kingdom. 

Is She Married?

No, Vic Rayner is not married. 

We are yet to know from the CEO about her relationship status. 

Further, she seems to be an individual with a private and reserved personality.

Vic Rayner Age

Vic’s age is unknown. 

Moreover, looking at her physical appearance, she seems to fall in the age group of 30-40 years old.

How Much Is Her Net Worth? 

Rayner’s net worth seems to be obscure. 

Nevertheless, Rayner is the CEO of the leading company in the social care sector, which has already helped her procured a sound amount for herself.

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