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Vicki Kim

Vicki Kim

Vicki Kim had been acting since she was a child but decided to turn it into a full-time career not until her mid-20s. 

Kim has been acting in movies since 2015. She might have professionally worked before but according to IMDB, her first project was called “The Expanse”. Her latest work was “Band Ladies” and that was released in 2020. Let’s get to know her life and career even more.

Name Vicki Kim
Gender Female
Profession Actress
Married/Single In a relationship
Instagram @thevickikim
Twitter @vickikimonline

10 Facts On Vicki Kim

  1. Vicki Kim looks like she is somewhere between 35 to 40 years old but I can’t guess it accurately as she has never mentioned her age to the public.
  2. Details about her birthday are not found on the internet which is why I can’t help you guys if you wanted to know her birth sign.
  3. Despite being such famous, Vicki Kim is no featured on Wikipedia yet. But she might get featured on it soon considering her popularity.
  4. She appears to stands at an average height but again, the acute details are not available on the internet.
  5. She could have garnered a huge net worth but we don’t know the numbers. She hasn’t been very vocal in terms of her financial details and she also doesn’t boast about her life on social media.
  6. Kim could have a boyfriend. Judging from the comments, this could be her and her boyfriend. But, I can’t really say that with full certainty.
  7. She has been known for her wonderful performances in projects such as “The Boys”, “The Expanse” and “Band Ladies”.
  8. She seems a very fun person as she has a lot of friends and well-wishers.
  9. Kim is a very persuasive actress and as she says it on her Instagram bio, she has great hair. Looking at her pictures, I could also feel how wonderful her hair is.
  10. She has 974 followers on her Instagram account.

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