Victor Dominello Partner Wife And Family

Who Is Victor Dominello? MP Partner And Relationship Details

Who Is Victor Dominello? MP Partner And Relationship Details

Australian MP Victor Dominello has still not found himself a partner. He is seen happy with his family and his job in Parliament. Learn more about him.

Victor is an MP of New South Wales (MSW). 

He is a member of the New South Wales Parliament for Ryde. Moreover, he is also a minister for customer service.

He is a much-loved minister for customer service and technology in New South Wales. 

Recently, he has appeared on news front pages as he returns to isolation because of some misguided health advice.

However, he was already confirmed to be Covid negative. 

Is Victor Dominello Married? His Partner

No, Victor Dominello has still not married.

He is a happily single man.

Considering the public questions on his partner and relationship, he had posted a status on his Facebook wall a few months back, where he mentioned he never married or had any children.

He seems to live with his mother. They both seem happy together. 

He indeed is a happily single person.

How Old Is Victor Dominello? His Age

Victor Dominello is now 53 years old. 

He was born on July 13, 1967, in Ryde, New South Wales. His zodiac sign is Leo. 

Meet His Family

Victor Dominello is the son of Josephine and Frank.

His mother, Josephine, is now in her early seventies. His father has already passed away. 

Victor has mentioned his mother as an angel on earth and his father as an angel in heaven on his Instagram post.

He seems to be so close with his mother. 

Dominello lives with her in Ryde. He frequently shares pictures with her on his social media. 

His social media is almost filled with photos of his mother and her dishes. He mentions he loves her dishes a lot. 

There are no details about his siblings. However, he frequently mentions his niece Charlotte on his social media.

He has shared lots of pictures with her on his social media.

His Net Worth

Victor Dominello net worth is estimated to be in millions of dollars.

However, his exact net worth is not revealed yet.

We assume he earns pretty well to support his lifestyle.

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