Victor Lilov Wikipedia, Age Height And Parents

Victor Lilov Wikipedia, Age Height And Parents – How Old?

Victor Lilov Wikipedia, Age Height And Parents – How Old?

Victor Lilov is an American Tennis Player. Find more about his Wikipedia and parents here. 

Born in the year 2004, he has been a world-famous tennis player at such a young age. He plays right-handed tennis.

Victor’s passion for tennis has made him enter world championships. He has won a lot of tennis matches in different countries. Victor has been an amazing inspiration for many young people. At the age of just 17, he has been a renowned tennis player.

His hard work and focus have been commendable examples.

Victor Lilov Age – How Old Is He?

Victor Lilov is just 17 years of age. Just 17, he has been participating in many tennis matches.

Recently he has been to countries like France, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and so on. Adidas Easter Bowl, International Open of Southern California, Banana Bowl, Brazil Juniors Cup, Haskovo Cup, etc.

It is said that Victor will go a long way in his Tennis career. He is a player and a fascinating youngster who has made his mark in Tennis Industry. 

Victor’s wins and participation have been covered by many media houses. Sports bloggers update all their matches and win to inform their supporters. 

His charming personality and active nature are loved by many.

Victor Lilov Origin And Parents

Victor Lilov is from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. His parent’s information has not been known. Victor has been a promising figure in the Tennis field.

He has won the hearts of many people. 

Victor Lilov Wikipedia And Social Media

Victor Lilov is not on Wikipedia. Also, his Instagram has not been so active.

He has less than a handful of posts. Victor must be very busy building his career in Tennis. That is why he must have minimal time to indulge and surf in social media handles.

His Instagram handle has thousands of followers. 

Victor is associated with ASICS Tennis Academy and Yonex Tennis Products. These two companies are very famous for giving the best tennis training and tennis sports supplies. 

How much is Victor Lilov’s Net Worth?

Victor is a very young Tennis Player. Even though he has been winning a lot of championships, his net worth has not been revealed.

Maybe some more time will give him that media coverage and insights on his personal and professional details.

Victor’s Height And Weight

Victor’s personal family details, family background, height, weight, and net worth have not been revealed to the media.

He still has time to show the world all he deserves by his talent. Victor surely is a tennis prodigy.

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