Victoria Arbiter Parents, Husband, Age, Wikipedia, Is She Married

Who is Victoria Arbiter Husband, Is She Married? Dickie Arbiter Daughter’s Wikipedia

Who is Victoria Arbiter Husband, Is She Married? Dickie Arbiter Daughter’s Wikipedia

Victoria Arbiter is a news reporter and journalist best known as the Royal Commentator for CNN. She has covered the British Royal Family with extensive passion and research. 

Arbiter is also a regular fixture on other channels like CBSN, Yahoo News, Entertainment Tonight, CTV (Canada), Channel 7 in Australia. and ITV (UK). The reporter has also worked on some TV shows and films. 

Learn About Victoria Arbiter’s Husband

Victoria Arbiter is married to actor Ryan Brown. She tied the knot on December 15, 2001. Their son, Dylan Rafferty, was born on August 1, 2003. 

They met on the set of Guiding Light, the television show that Ryan had the role of “Harlan Billy ‘Bill’ Lewis, III”. 

Brown was born Ryan Michael Brown on January 2, 1975, in Tyler, Texas, U.S. He is 45 years old as of July 2020. He is an actor and author. He made his debut in show business in 1997 with the film You Bet Your Life. 

His debut on TV was with Guiding Light in 1998. He worked on the show from 1998 to 2001. He then played the small role of Billy Abbott in 2002.

Some of his other well-known works are Sam & Janet, Inspector Mom: Kidnapped in Ten Easy Steps, The Lorax, etc. 

Victoria Arbiter’s Age

Victoria Arbiter was born on April 5, 1974, in Zimbabwe and was raised in Windsor, England. She moved to Kensington Palace when she was a teenager. She followed her father to the royal events which made her a well-known name within the Royal community.

Victoria’s Father Was A Former Press Secretary 

Arbiter’s father is Dickie Arbiter who was the former press secretary to Queen Elizabeth II. It was due to her father’s job that Victoria made royal connections. 

She would follow her father to various events like the Trooping the Color, The Cenotaph, The Royal Tournament, the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Trafalgar Square, and The Lord Mayor’s Show. 

As a matter of fact, she made her debut on the radio when she was 5 years old alongside her father. 

Dickie is still active as a royal commentator and regularly updates his followers on the events that occur within the palace and also about the lives of all the royal members. 

Her mother’s identity is not available online. 

Arbiter’s Educational Background 

Victoria originally wanted to become a ballet dancer and was accepted into the Elmhurst Ballet School in Camberley. She went on to debut at the famous West End of London. 

She also went to The Theatre Royal Windsor for a performance. When she turned eighteen, she moved to New York and pursued a three-year study program at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

After her graduation, she acted in Guiding Light where she met her husband Ryan.

Career Insight: Much More Than Just A Royal Commentator 

The reporter has worked in various shows, one of her earliest jobs was as the Senior Producer and Entertainment Correspondent of the web-series Yo New York.

At the show, she covered major events like The TV Land Awards and other various high-profile celebrity-related occasions. She interviewed a lot of celebrities like Shirley McClaine, Nicole Kidman, Sidney Pollack, Anjelica Huston, and Michael J. Fox among others. 

The Signature Series was a show hosted by the journalist and aimed at the high-end luxury tourist. 

Apart from this, her resume lists all of her work on TV news. She has mostly worked as a Royal Expert or Royal Commentator/Contributor on the news. Similarly, she has also hosted and starred in a number of entertainment-centric shows such as Person of Interest, The Oprah Winfrey Show. 

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