Videogamedunkey Wife Age Ans Instagram Bio

Leah Bee Net Worth: Meet Videogamedunkey Wife Leahbee On Instagram

Leah Bee Net Worth: Meet Videogamedunkey Wife Leahbee On Instagram

Leah Bee is a well-known personality who is famous for being Videogamedunkey‘s wife. Talking about her husband, Videogamedunkey is a world-famous YouTuber who is well-known for his video game reviews and criticism. He has already earned more than 6.5 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel. 

Name Leah Bee
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Gamer, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer
Net Worth $6 thousand
Married/Single Married
Husband Videogamedunkey (m. September 2019)
Twitter @vgLeahbee
Youtube Leahbee

Talking about Leah Bee, she is also a YouTube just like her husband and she has managed to earn nearly 265 thousand subscribers on her official YouTube channel. She is widely recognized as a gamer and Twitch streamer who has earned nearly 22.1 thousand followers on her official Twitch channel. Where is she from? Leah Bee is originally from Wisconsin, U.S.A. and thus, her nationality is recognized to be American. 

10 Facts on Leah Bee:

  1. Leah Bee has an estimated net worth of just $6 thousand as per official sources. 
  2. Well-known as Videogamedunkey‘s wife, the couple got married last year, in September 2019 after spending a longtime relationship. 
  3. Currently, we have no idea regarding Leah Bee’s age but we can definitely admit that she must be around 25 years to 29 years old.
  4. Moreover, it seems that Leah Bee is still not active on Instagram but her fans are hoping that she will join the social media very soon.
  5. Even though there is no site that has written Leah Bee’s bio, we hope that you are able to learn a lot about her from this article.
  6. Although her nationality is known to us, we are unable to feature her ethnicity at the moment. 
  7. With about 112.1 thousand followers, she can be found active on Twitter as @vgLeahbee. 
  8. As a gamer, she loves to play popular games including Stardew Valley, Dreamworld Pogie, Murder By Numbers, Games + Demos, etc. 
  9. Talking more about her husband, Videogamedunkey‘s real name is Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow. However, he is also recognized by the name of Dunkey.
  10. As of now, we are unable to speak anything relating to Leah’s maternal family members. 

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