Vilma Kari New York Husband Age And Ethnicity: Who is her daughter?

Vilma Kari New York Health Update & Daughter Elizabeth Kari

Vilma Kari New York Health Update & Daughter Elizabeth Kari

Vilma Kari from New York was accosted and beaten up by an assailant. Here’s her health update.

Vilma is one of the latest targets of a racially motivated hate crime. She was attacked by an unknown man who reportedly kicked her in the stomach and was knocked down. In fact, a surveillance video showcases him repeatedly hitting her on the face.

Meet Vilma Kari From New York

Vilma Kari was assaulted in New York, the most populous city in the United States.

According to AP News, an anonymous screamed at the man who was storming her repeatedly.

Apart from that person, no other bystanders had intervened. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has called this attack disgusting and outrageous, according to CNN.

Who Is Her Daughter?

Vilma Kari has a daughter named Elizabeth Kari.

After hearing the attack on her mother, Elizabeth was heartbroken but was happy to receive messages and support from all the kind souls.

Talking about Vilma’s health, she is recovering well, but her daughter has claimed that she will take time to make a full recovery. Moreover, Elizabeth has even set up a fundraiser program on the GoFundMe page. Until now, the program has raised over $219.7 thousand already.

Everything About Her Husband

Currently, we have no idea about Vilma Kari’s husband. As she has a daughter, we can confirm that she is a married woman.

After the attack, Vilma has suffered serious injuries all over her body. Her pelvis has been fractured, and the process of making a full recovery will require a huge sum of money.

Vilma Kari Age: How Old Is She?

As of 2021, Vilma Kari’s age is 65 years old. However, we have no details regarding her birthday.

Talking about her religion, she is a Christian. In fact, she was walking to a church the day she was assaulted.

Her Ethnicity Revealed

Vilma Kari is in the limelight for her Asian-American ethnicity. Precisely, she is actually from the Phillippines.

She had emigrated to the United States with her family decades ago. Her assault videos went viral on the internet.

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