Vince Morales Wikipedia, Age Height And Wife Net Worth

Vince Morales Wikipedia: Learn Everything About MMA Fighter

Vince Morales Wikipedia: Learn Everything About MMA Fighter

Vince Morales has a Wikipedia page to his name as he is an up-and-coming MMA fighter. Here is everything you do not know about him.

Vince Morales is a Mixed Martial Art fighter who is currently building his career at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is nicknamed ‘Vandetta’ in his fighting career. He has won several Championships marking himself as an outstanding American MMA fighter. 

Vince Morales Wikipedia: Get To Know More About Vince Morales

Vince Morale started his career as an MMA fighter with his first debut on 15th May 2015 against Joseph Cleveland at featherweight and won his first fight. Following his wins, he won his fight against Hamilton Ash on 20th May 2016 at featherweight and again at Bellator 205 on 21st September 2018 against Justin Hugo.

Throughout his fighting career in UFC, he has had a total of ten wins and five losses. The latest fight he won was on 7th August 2021 against Drako Rodriguez in the bantamweight division at UFC 265 which was the first fight after his suspension due to injury in his last fight with Chris Gutierrez.

He suffered from a right orbital fracture and was suspended for six months in the UFC fights.

Vince Morales Age Height And Weight

Morale was born on 12th November 1990  in the USA. He has his sun sign as Scorpio and the Year of the Horse as his born year.

As of August 2021, he is 30 years old and soon will be 31 years in November 2021.  

As per Wikipedia, his height is 1.70m and he weighs around 145 lb. Being a UFC fighter, He fights in the division of bantamweight in the class of the King of the Cage.   

Vince Morales Wife And How Much Is His Net Worth?

Vince Morale is dating his girlfriend, Shino VanHoose who is also a professional MMA fighter. She has been in the fighting career for almost ten years and is currently fighting for Invicta Fighting championships.

He is still not married but in a relationship with his girlfriend VanHoose to whom he is very grateful. 

Morale’s career disclosed earnings is USD 34,000 as given in tapology, however, his net worth is yet to be known. An average fighter of the UFC makes up to $148,000 as of 2020 with the additional sponsorships and bonuses. 

Vince Morales Family

When Morale was very young, his mother Sharlee Calvert got separated from his father. He said that he started wrestling when it was rough for him to deal with that stuff.

When he was 16 years old, his mother passed away due to cancer; he said that his mother started getting sick when he just moved in with his dad. 

Morales also has a cousin named Ricky Simon who is currently fighting in the bantamweight division of the UFC. He has a good relationship with his cousin and he is looking forward to sparring with his cousin Simon in the future. 

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