Vincent Kipchumba Height, Age, Marathon, Wikipedia, Nationality 2019

Vincent Kipchumba

Vincent Kipchumba

Vincent Kipchumba is an athlete who is famous as a long-distance runner. He is the 2019 winner of the Amsterdam Marathon with a time of 2:05:09. In 2019 he won 3 marathons for which he is popular. Vienna City Marathon and Adana Half Marathon are the marathons that he won in 2019 along with Amsterdam Marathon.

Name Vincent Kipchumba
Birthday December 26, 2001
Age 18 years
Gender Male
Nationality Kenyan
Profession Long Distance Runner

In 2020 he became second in London Marathon with the time of 2:05:42. He is from Kenya. Though he is a competitive athlete who is also popular for winging many marathons only fewer facts about him are know to his well-wishers and to those people who want to know about him.

Even though he has his biography on Wikipedia there are only a few details about his victories and his career. However, there is nothing mentioned about his personal life like his family background and his upbringing. But no worries you guys can get to know him from the facts below.

10 Facts on Vincent Kipchumba:

  1. Vincent Kipchumba’s physical body measurements like his height and weight are not available currently.
  2. According to World Athletics, he was born on December 26, 2001, and thus, he is just 18 years of age currently. 
  3. Back in 2019, he won the Amsterdam Marathon, and the time was just 2:05:09.
  4. There are very few details available on his official Wikipedia page.
  5. Moving on to his nationality, he is said to be a Kenyan as he was born as well as raised in Kenya. 
  6. Vincent has been best regarded as a long-distance runner who was also the winner of the Adana Half Marathon.
  7. Coming to his ethnicity, it is believed that he is of the African ethnic group. 
  8. Also, he won the very popular Vienna City Marathon last year, in 2019.
  9. We have not fetched any of his social media accounts and even if he is active in any, he must have kept it very private.
  10. There is nothing to know about his parents and also we are unknown to his siblings. 

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