Viona Serrano Parents Age And Tiktok: Thirdy Lacson Girlfriend Instagram

Are Viona Serrano And Thirdy Lacson Actually Dating? TikTok fans think so too

Are Viona Serrano And Thirdy Lacson Actually Dating? TikTok fans think so too

Like all of us, even Viona Serrano’s parents want to know if she is actually dating Thirdy Lacson.

Recently, Viona Serrano has been a hot topic to discuss after revealing that she was cheated by her former lover, Thirdy Lacson. According to Tribune, her ex-boyfriend was looking for another girlfriend even though he was already dating Viona.

Who Are Viona Serrano Parents?

We do not know anything about Viona Serrano’s parents.

But, we can confirm that they are quite worried about her current situation with her former boyfriend.

On the other hand, we are well aware of Thirdy Lacson‘s parents. He is the son of Jodi Santamaria and Panfilo Lacson Jr. His mother, Jodi, is a world-famous actress.

TikTok fans were disappointed with the way Panfilo went on to support his son. In fact, they have suggested Thirdy‘s parents supervise him correctly.

Viona Serrano Age: How Old Is She?

Viona Serrano’s current age has not been determined.

Along with that, we have failed to obtain her birthday details.

Since her ex-boyfriend is 15 years old, we can predict that she is also around the same age as him. Thus, she is probably in her mid-teens.

Is Viona On TikTok?

It seems that Viona Serrano has deleted her main TikTok account, which was under the username of @vionaorlando.

However, she still has a backup account – @vionaserrano.

Moreover, she has her own YouTube channel with more than 8.2 thousand subscribers. She has uploaded only two videos until today.

Everything About Thirdy Lacson Girlfriend

Formerly recognized as Thirdy Lacson‘s girlfriend, Viona Serrano revealed that she always had problems with his girl best friend.

Her controversial TikTok video has gone viral. Fortunately, she was supported by many personalities from all over the world. Since she is young, we do not believe that she earns enough to have a net worth under her own name.

Meet Her On Instagram

With more than 24.2 thousand followers, Viona Serrano is active on Instagram under the username @vionaserrano.

However, we cannot find her on Wikipedia. Surely, we can read her bio from her Twitter (20.3 thousand followers).

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