Virginie Coossa Age, Spouse And Wikipedia: Is She Married?

Virginie Coossa Wikipedia Age: Her Married Life And Spouse Details

Virginie Coossa Wikipedia Age: Her Married Life And Spouse Details

Virginie Coossa is still active in her journalism career at the age of her 40s. Stay until the end of the article and know more about this Canadian Television Presenter.

Virginie Coossa is a Canadian Television presenter, who was born in Montreal.

Virginie Coossa Age: How old is she?

Born and raised in Canada Montreal, Virginie is of age 43 right now as of 2021.

She was born on August 24, 1977.

She looks beautiful and has a good body shape, and recently she had plastic surgery and removed a mole from her face.

Is Virginie Coossa On Wikipedia?

Virginie is featured in Wikipedia, though very little is given about her there also.

She completed her secondary education at the Mgr-AM-Parent secondary school in Saint-Hubert (Longueuil) in the Douance-Musique program, where she played percussion and was a part of the program’s first album.

She then started college at Collège André-Grasset, where she graduated in 1996.

Virginie Coossa Spouse: Is she Married?

Yes, Virginie Coossa is married, and her spouse name is Claude Meunier.

Because of the age gap between Virginie Coossa and Claude Meunier, the pair created by Virginie Coossa and Claude Meunier had a lot of ink spilled at the time. However, the pair is still together and more in love than ever seven years later!

The businesswoman took advantage of the chance to share a portrait of the pair taken in a photo booth. Claude Meunier can be seen in the background. Virginie wrote a few lines to her husband to go along with this shot.

There are nearly 1000 “likes” under the picture only a few hours after it was released.

Is she on Social Media?

Yes, she is on social media.

She has a large fan following and nearly 25.6k people follow her on Instagram,

We can see that she shares a lot about her vacations and normal stuff on Instagram. We couldn’t find her on Twitter and Facebook though.

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