Vithun Illankovan Age Height, Job And Instagram Bio

Vithun Illankovan The Circle: Meet Him on Instagram

Vithun Illankovan The Circle: Meet Him on Instagram

Here’s everything you should know about Vithun Illankovan, a player from The Circle.

Vithun Illankovan calls himself a tea spiller and shade thrower. He had never thought about entering a reality television series, but he became one of the show’s strongest participants.

Meet Vithun Illankovan From The Circle

Vithun Illankovan is one of the 14 contestants of the third season of The Circle.

He appeared as himself and appeared in the first 14 episodes of the show, getting eliminated in the 14th episode.

Well, he has already lost the show, and he even thanked everyone for their support via his social media. He said that the show could have blocked him on Day 1 but feels very fortunate that he lasted so long.

Vithun Illankovan Age Revealed

Vithun Illankovan’s age is 23 years, as he was born in 1997.

 Unfortunately, we have no details about his birthday.

Moving on to Vithun’s hometown, he hails from London, United Kingdom. However, his family has Sri Lankan roots, and thus, his ethnicity can be taken as Sri Lankan-British.

Vithun Height: How Tall Is He?

Vithun Illankovan’s height is around 5 feet and 6 inches.

The London man is currently pursuing his CIPFA professional qualification.

Everything About His Job

Vithun Illankovan’s current job/profession is Accountant. Currently, he has been serving as a Finance Graduate Trainee at Brent Council.

He had completed his schooling at The Haberdashers’​ Aske’s Boys’​ School and later obtained his bachelor’s degree from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Is He On Instagram?

Vithun Illankovan is on Instagram under the username of @vithunillankovan. He has already gained around 9.1 thousand followers there.

Apart from Instagram, we can find the contestant on Twitter (3.6 thousand followers), TikTok (77 followers), and Facebook (389 followers).

His Bio Unveiled

According to Vithun Illankovan’s bio on LinkedIn, he had started his career as a Work Experience Student at Stewarts Law LLP

Apart from his current job as an accountant, he is also a MathematicsGeography, and Economics tutor. 

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