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Who are AGT: Voce Nova – Natalia Tsvi and Gilad Paz?

Who are AGT: Voce Nova – Natalia Tsvi and Gilad Paz?

Voca Nova is the stage name for the duo singers, Natalia Tsvi and Gilad Paz. These two are the contestant on America’s Got Talent (AGT). America’s got talent is a reality TV show which is a competition program where talented individuals from around the USA take part to win the competition prize. The talents may be of any genre ranging from singing, dancing, magic show, comedy, and many more. Here is everything we know about Voca Nova: the stunning duo of AGT. 

Who are AGT: Voce Nova – Natalia Tsvi and Gilad Paz?

Voca Nova is the Latin word which means “fresh voice”. It is an exclusive music performance by the duo, Mr. Gilad Paz, and Ms. Natalia Tsvi. Voce Nova brings the luxurious Opera, exciting contemporary and classical pop together to create a customized performance that is suitable for any event. 

The duo- Voca Nova is the pair of classically trained singers who have decades of experience in singing. But they had just recently decided to join their singing styles together and appear on AGT to showcase their unique style in front of a large audience.

Their perfectly synchronized performance makes us think that they have been singing together for a very long time. However, they said during their audition on America’s Got Talent that the two of them met each other through a performance not long ago in 2018 and then they thought about mixing the tenor style of Natalia and soprano of Gilad.

They are not a couple and are just a professional pair. They both have individual jobs aside from the musical field.

The songs performed by Voca Nova are their own creation as they twist the originality of the songs and sing them in a customized way. They create a whole new version of classical and modern music.

Voca Nova – Natalia Tsvi

Natalia is an in-demand voice teacher. She is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Natalia is very passionate about anything that is voice-related. She used to perform a lot of music since her teenage years.

She was also a part of the “Neighbour of Chich”. She has always surrounded herself with some top pop singers and learned from them simultaneously while also learning classical singing.

In 2016, her debut album “That is me” was released in which she has done the mixture of two very contrasting genres that are classical opera and pop music. She has done several classical performances and musical performances all over Israel. Currently, she resides in the Big Apple, New York.

Voca Nova – Gilad Paz

The musical career of Gilad Paz has skirted around a wide scope of performance style. He has performed in the rock clubs of the Lower Eastside to singing the Soprano in the Carnegie Hall.

He has polished his vocal abilities with all kinds of genres. He is the master of high notes and a trained rock singer.

He can sing very nicely as a solo and also in a band. Not only that, he can perform equally well in the orchestras and chorus and also in the concerts and stadiums full of thousands of people. There is no effect of the environment or the people beside him on his singing abilities.

Just like his singing pair, Natalia, he has also grown up listening to both classical and pop music. So he likes to be artistic and create the song by incorporating both genres into his performances.

Gilad lives in Long Island with his family.

The performance of the Voca Nova duo Natalia and Gilad and their chemistry was very good during the audition of America’s Got Talent and we, as the audience, would surely want them to sing more on stage. 

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