Wally Funk Gay Partner And Husband

“All The Way To Space” Is Wally Funk Gay? Explore Her Married Life

“All The Way To Space” Is Wally Funk Gay? Explore Her Married Life

Is Wally Funk a Lesbian? Get to know if she has a gay partner or husband by reading this article.

Wally Funk is an American pilot heading to space with Jeff Bezos. According to Blue Origin, she will venture on spacecraft named “New Sheperd” as an honored guest. 

Wally Funk who is 82 years of age had to wait over half a century for the space trip. In 1960, she was not chosen to fly to space. 

Furthermore, Funk’s name has been inscribed on the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Wall of Honor. 

Is Wally Funk Lesbian? Sexuality

Wally Funk is not a Lesbian or gay. Her sexuality is still a curious topic as she has never talked about it publically.

The female aviation inspector was not chosen in 1960 because of her gender. Hence, it is proved that she is a woman.

However, there are no pieces of evidence to prove Wally’s sexuality as a lesbian.

Wally Funk Partner Revealed

Wally Funk has no gay partner.

She has not mentioned anything about her love life in public yet.

In fact, we do know that majority of her life went on by teaching flying to her students. She certainly deserves to be an honorary crew member of Blue Origin.

Husband: Is She Married?

Wally Funk has no husband or spouse, she was never married.

The aviator often explains that she is married to airplanes. While she has led her life without a life partner for a very long time.

A minority of Internet users believed that she is a lesbian, just because she is unmarried.

In fact, the flight instructor has spent all her life trying to get into NASA.

According to Wally, she applied to NASA’s astronaut four times. However, was rejected because she had no engineering degree.

Wally Funk Family: What About Her Kids?

Wally Funk does not have any children.

She was raised in Taos, New Mexico, where her family owned a Five And Dime Store.

Wally Funk has shared that her father was a hardworking man. He would bring a model airplane for her to build. 

She first flew in a plane at 8 and just by 10, she had her mother driving her out to an airstrip to study the planes.

Moreover, the flight instructor has revealed that her family lived with the native Americans. They taught her to fish, hunt, and camp. Guess, this was where Wally’s courage and perseverance came from.





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