Walter Masterson TikTok – Comedian On Fox News Age And Twitter

Walter Masterson TikTok – Comedian On Fox News Age And Twitter

Walter Masterson TikTok – Comedian On Fox News Age And Twitter

Walter Masterson from TikTok has told Matt Gaetz that he isn’t a pedophile. Here’s what you should know about the comedian on Fox News.

Digital content creator Masterson works at Ambitious Film since 2006. Previously, he was the content creator at STARZ Digital.

Moreover, he is popular as a social media personality with thousands of followers. Interestingly, he is a writer and actor too.

Meet Walter Masterson On TikTok

Walter Masterson is on TikTok as @waltermasterson.

Furthermore, he is just 109 thousand followers away from reaching a million followers. On TikTok, he likes to create funny videos.

Also, Walter is a YouTuber who has around 14.4 thousand subscribers. He joined the platform on March 19, 2006, and today, he has about 796.5 thousand views.

Moreover, Masterson has created a second TikTok account for shirt posing. Under the username of @@thewaltermasterson, he has about 76.2 thousand followers.


Just trolled these 2 losers. Video dropping soon.

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Is Walter Masterson A Comedian?

Indeed, Walter Masterson is a comedian.

He is active on every social media platform where he is dedicated to making comic videos. Well, he isn’t actually a stand-up comedian though.

Moreover, Walter loves to make people laugh. He had earned an HS degree in Drama from Fordham Preparatory School.

Well, we can confirm that his studies have helped him becoming an actor and comedian. Undoubtedly, his sense of humor is quite good and he can make any situation better with a simple joke.

Does Walter Masterson Work At FOX News?

Probably, Walter Masterson doesn’t work at FOX News.

However, he jokingly admitted on TikTok that he works for FOX News. In reality, he was just randomly making a video acting as if he is a reporter.

According to The Wrap, he has turned the FOX News Headquarters into a safe place for the pigeons. Reportedly, he had been feeding the birds every day in May 2021.

Even today, when Walter visits the headquarter, the pigeons show up. Undoubtedly, he has turned the building into a bird sanctuary.

Comedian Walter Masterson Age: How Old Is He?

Walter Masterson’s current age is 43 years old.

According to Famous Birthdays, he was born on March 13, 1978. Reportedly, he is from Manhattan, New York.

Sometimes, the TikTok star carries a cat in his bag. Indeed, he has filmed his cat multiple times for TikTok videos.

TikTok Star Walter Twitter Update 

Walter Masterson is available on Twitter with 66.1 thousand followers.

Via a tweet, he revealed that he told Mat Gaetz that he wasn’t a pedophile. Also, he has mentioned that the politician disagreed.

Apart from Twitter, Walter is on Instagram with 129 thousand followers. However, he isn’t on Wikipedia.

Furthermore, he hasn’t been open about his wife and family. So, we are unaware of the TikTok star has been married or not.

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