Wander Franco Age, Salary Net Worth and Girlfriend 2019

Wander Franco Age: How Old Is He?

Wander Franco Age: How Old Is He?

Baseball player Wander Franco is an aspiring baseball player of young age. His actual age and other personal details are some facts that his fans are curious to know. So, let’s begin.

Wander Franco is the name that has been rising in American baseball history. The player has been serving as a professional baseball shortstop at the Tampa Bay Rays.

Though he signed the team in 2017, he has played as a professional since 2018.

Likewise, he was rated as the #1 prospect in all baseball. According to the source, Mr. Franco will be playing in the minor baseball league again in 2021. A lot of debate is happening about this topic.

Wander Franco Age: How Old?

Wander Franco’s age is 20 years old, according to his Wikipedia bio.

The player was born in the year 2001 and celebrates his birthday on 1st March every year. So, he just turned 20 a few weeks ago.

Likewise, despite being an American, he was born in the Dominican Republic. His family must have moved to the States when he was a child.

In addition, baseball seems to be part of his family heritage. Wander Sr., his father, was also a baseball player. Furthermore, he has two siblings, both of whom are baseball players.

Franco Net Worth Explained

Wander Franco’s net worth must be in the millions in 2021.

However, the exact figure on his net worth and salary is yet to be revealed.

According to the source, at just 16 years old, he was signed with a $3.8 million deal by the Rays.

So, we can be confident that the player has earned a luxurious life at a young age.

Does He Have A Girlfriend?

No, Wander Franco does not have a girlfriend. He is yet to find the love of his life. 

The 5 feet 8 inches young man seems to be quite focused on his career. His handsome face and masculine physics have nevertheless drawn thousands of female fans.

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