Was Bill Gates Arrested By Military? Fake Mugshot All Over The Internet

Was Bill Gates Arrested By Military? Fake Mugshot All Over The Internet

Was Bill Gates Arrested By Military? Fake Mugshot All Over The Internet

Bill Gates was not arrested by the Military as of today. Let us talk about his fake mugshots circulating the internet.

Gates does not need an introduction at this point in time. He is a legendary businessman and a philanthropist.

Was Bill Gates Arrested By Military?

No, Bill Gates has not been detained by the army or anyone as of now. All the related news on the internet is not real.

In fact, no official news sites have reported about his apprehension so far. No doubt, such news should have taken the whole media by storm if it was true.

Actually, a site on the internet has claimed that the Microsoft founder was seized on July 27. They suggest the US Marines pinches him at his house in South Carolina.

As a matter of fact, the creators of the story do not appear to be a fan of Gates. They have described him with some rude words like a socially awkward and elusive billionaire.

Nonetheless, the news about Bill Gates’s arrest has no evidence behind it. The former richest man in the world is not suffering any legal issues.

Bill Gates Fake Mugshots Exposed Over The Internet

Bill Gates’s fraudulent close-up pictures are gaining a place on the internet. But the pictures are not real at all.

There are some photos of Bill on social media trying to prove he is in detention. However, they are either synthetic or simulated.

In fact, Bill is uploading posts on his Twitter account lately. That pretty much puts the rumors about his arrest to death.

After all, Gates is a highly successful personality. Thus, a bunch of people trying to defame such a high-class person is quite a normal issue.

On the other hand, the billionaire himself has not addressed these rumors so far. Also, he probably will not talk about it soon.

Bill Gates Allegations – What Did He Do?

Bill Gates faces allegations for running a child trafficking ring. He allegedly operated it with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender.

Gates reportedly received the charges from the military. But nothing has been verified about these accusations so far.

Besides, Bill has also been blamed for vaccine fraud. There are claims that he treasured enormous profit from vaccine sales all over the world.

Furthermore, Gates has faced accusations of child porn. In fact, similar blames came for him in 2014 when someone close to him was found involved.

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