Was he Arrested? Family Details

Steve Pankey Wife And Family: Was Former Politician Arrested?

Steve Pankey Wife And Family: Was Former Politician Arrested?

After being arrested Steve Pankey Wife was questioned by the police department about their whereabouts during the murder. Stay with the article to find out more.

Steve Pankey is a former politician who ran for Governor of Idaho’s election and lost on May 15, 2018. Pankey got arrested from his home in connection to the murder and kidnapping of Jonelle Matthews.

Steve who was living in Meridian, was held in Idaho’s Ada County Jail with no bond.

Steve Pankey Wife And Family Details

Steve Pankey’s wife is Angela Hicks.

Pankey was born and raised in Ventura, California. Talking about his children, Steve and Angela Hicks have a son together. Steve’s family lives in Lincoln County, Idaho. Steve Pankey follows the Christianity religion.

Steve Pankey comes from a family where men were in a position of authority. B.F. Pankey, his great-grandfather worked as the lieutenant governor in New Mexico. In the 1940s, Steve’s grandfather, Dana Pankey Sr., was the pastor of Greeley’s Bethel Baptist Church. Dana Pankey Jr. followed the footsteps of his father and became a minister, reports Medium.

Is Steve Pankey On Wikipedia?

Steve Pankey is not on Wikipedia.

Steve Pankey’s age in 2021 is 70 years, as he was born in the year 1951. Pankey graduated from Alternative High School in La Puente, California. Steve graduated with an associate’s degree from Aims Community College.

Steve’s first job was as a school janitor. Pankey served in the U.S. Army in Panama after high school. One can read about Steve Pankey and his bio in many recent news articles. The details about Steve Pankey’s net worth are private.

Was Steve Pankey Arrested?

Steve Pankey was arrested in October 2020, in connection to Jonelle Matthews‘s death.

Jonelle Matthews, who was 12 years old, went missing from her home in Greeley Colorado. Matthews’s remains were found at an oil and gas site in 2019, 35 years after her disappearance. 

Steve Pankey faced two charges of violent crimes, two charges of first-degree murders, and one charge of second-degree kidnapping, reports KTVB.

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