Was He Really The Zodiac Killer?

Lawrence Kane Wikipedia Age: Was He Really The Zodiac Killer?

Lawrence Kane Wikipedia Age: Was He Really The Zodiac Killer?

Lawrence Kane is seen on the Zodiac Killer Wikipedia. Was he really the Zodiac Killer? Find more about his age and life. 

Kane was an American salesman who is widely known as a suspect for the Zodiac Killer. He is also one of the Zodiac ciphers.

Also, it is believed that a car accident in 1962 car crash in San Mateo, California, cause Kane’s brain damage to his left frontal lobe that resulted in his killing behavior.

Lawrence Kane Wikipedia Explored

Lawrence Kane Wikipedia behind the radar.

Despite the fact, we can find about the Zodiac Killer on Wikipedia.

From Real Life Villains, one can easily pile up information about his biography, mugshots, and connections to Zodiac Killer.

Other than that, we can find Lawrence Kane’s being the Zodiac Killer on several other Web portals.

Kane was born to his parents, his father Morris Haim Klein and Sarah Benjamin.

He is the eldest of three sons where both his brothers died in infancy.

Kane Age: How Old Was He?

Lawrence Kane died at the age of 86.

As a matter of fact, Kane was born on 26th April 1924 and died on 20th May 2010.

Lawrence Kane was born Lawrence Klein in Brooklyn, New York, which made him American by nationality.

Was He Really The Zodiac Killer?

Lawrence Kane was a suspect for the Zodiac Killer.

Before the Zodiac’s victim Darlene Ferrin was shot on 4th July 1969, her sister also alleged that Kane had been following and harassing her.

Also, Kane threatened to murder Kathleen Johns and tossed the baby out of the window.

Additionally, he has always been closely linked with the disappearance of Donna Lass.

However, there have been no reports that Kane’s DNA has been tested against Zodiac Killer’s.

His handwriting was also not matched when the writing was on the letters.

Retired police officer Harvey Hines believed that Kane was the Zodiac.

In Zodiac’s “My Name is Cipher,” the first 4 letters are A E N K; when code cracked is resulted in an anagram for Kane.

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