Was Jill Biden Married To Bill Stevenson? 10 Facts On Bill’s Age, Wiki and Bio

Was Jill Biden Married To Bill Stevenson? Bill Stevenson’s Age, Wiki and Bio

Was Jill Biden Married To Bill Stevenson? Bill Stevenson’s Age, Wiki and Bio

Bill Stevenson is a famous serial entrepreneur and a popular author. He is also known as the ex-husband of the American educator ‘Jill Biden’ who was ‘Second Lady of the United States’ from the year 2009 to 2017.

Let’s know more about Bill Stevenson with some interesting facts below.

Name Bill Stevenson
Birthday 1948
Age 72 Years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Entrepreneur
Net Worth Under Review
Married/Single Divorced
Wife Jill Biden
Divorce Yes


10 Facts on Bill Stevenson 

  1. Bill Steven is an American author born in 1948. As of 2020, Bill Stevenson is 72 years old and is turning 73 very soon.
  2. Bill Stevenson is also recognized as the gem or alum of the 1969 Woodstock festival where he got launched publicly on the path which made him the original owner of the stone balloon club in Newark, Delaware.
  3. Surprisingly there is no Wikipedia page dedicated to Bill Stevenson. However, many blog sites have covered Bill Stevenson’s part of the story.
  4. For the most asked question ‘Was Jill Biden Married To Bill Stevenson?’, The answer is definitely a Yes. They got married in February 1970 but unfortunately got divorced in May 1975.
  5. Jill Biden, the ex-wife of Bill Steven, is currently the wife of Joe Biden who was the 47th president of The United States from 2009 to 2017.
  6. Stone Baloon Club, owned by Bill Steven, used to feature big-name acts in their early days. It featured different popular artists like ‘Allman Brothers’, ‘Metallica’, ‘Run DMC’, and many more.
  7. Despite the fact Joe Biden is the current husband of his Ex-wife Jill, Stevenson has mentioned voting for Joe Biden in both the 2008 and 2012 elections. 
  8. Bill Stevenson has stated that he does not hold any grudges against his Ex-wife Jill Biden and her husband Joe-Biden. He also said that he just does not want to harm Jill’s chances of becoming First Lady.
  9. Steven published his book ‘The Stone Baloon’ in 2005 and is currently working on his new book about his own life and his Ex-wife.  
  10. Bill Stevenson is not available on any social media. Most probably we won’t see him on any social media in near future.

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