Was Koe Wetzel Arrested In Oklahoma? Net Worth, Real Name & Mugshot

Is Koe Wetzel Still In Jail? His Net Worth Real Name & Arrested Reason

Is Koe Wetzel Still In Jail? His Net Worth Real Name & Arrested Reason

Was Koe Wetzel Arrested In Oklahoma? It is not clear if Koe is in jail. Have a look at his net worth and real name.

Koe is a singer and a songwriter from Texas. In fact, he has made 200 thousand sales independently until now.

Was Koe Wetzel Arrested In Oklahoma?

Koe Wetzel seemed to be arrested in Oklahoma.

Actually, Wetzel posted a picture on his Instagram where a cop handcuffs him. The picture made many believe that he was arrested.

However, Koe has been sharing posts and stories on his social media even after the incident. Thus, it seems quite unclear if he was arrested for real.

Furthermore, the singer has not put out any words about the arrest. He is busy promoting his new song.

On the other hand, Koe faced legal troubles a few years ago. Actually, he was arrested, resulting in a DWI charge on his way to get Taco Bell.

Koe Wetzel Net Worth and Wikipedia

Wetzel has a net worth in the millions.

But we are still unable to have our hands on the exact figures of his net worth. His music sales and live performances are the chief sources of his income.

As a matter of fact, Wetzel has sold more than 200k units independently since 2015. On top of that, his music has been streamed and viewed online over 100 million times.

Koe does not have a Wikipedia bio at the moment.

Koe is a songwriter, guitarist, singer, and producer. In other words, he is a complete musician. To point out, he has collaborated with top record labels such as Colombia records.

Besides, Wetzel is known for performing with his band named Koe Wetzel and the Konvicts. Also, he has released several hits like Noise Complaint, Something To Talk About, Love, and many more.

Koe Wetzel Real Name and Age

Wetzel’s real name is Ropyr Madison Koe Wetzel.

Wetzel’s age is 28 years old.

He will reach 29 years of age on July 14 this year. He was born in Pittsburg, Texas.

In fact, Koe was born to a family related to music. His mother was a country classics performer.

Wetzel does not have a wife. But he is dating his girlfriend, Bailey Fisher, for a long time.

Koe Wetzel Mugshot: Is He In Jail?

Koe Wetzel’s mugshot was released when he was arrested in 2016.

This time no mugshots of Koe have been found on the internet. Also, many fans think Wetzel is in jail. However, there it is not clear as of now.

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