Was Nardo Wick Arrested By US Marshal? Age Real Name And Net Worth

Why Was Nardo Wick Arrested By US Marshal? Here Is An Update

Why Was Nardo Wick Arrested By US Marshal? Here Is An Update

Nardo Wick has been arrested by US Marshal. Fans are going crazy after a photo got published. Continue to know more.

Wick is an American musical artist. The emerging rapper is famous for his hit singles, Who Want Smoke and Knock Knock.

Wick has been active in the industry for more than 2 years now. His release, the music video for “Shh”, is among his latest song in 2021.

The young artist has altogether 12 songs so far. He is already gaining a high level of recognition. Here are things we know about the rapper.

Rapper Nardo Wick was arrested by US Marshal in Duval. As of lately, many fans are posting videos related to his arrest. 

However, the news was made confirmed when @raphouse.tv posted a photo of wick alongside feds.

It was officially posted on August 17, 2021. In the photo, Wick was alongside a friend whose identity could not be discovered at the moment.

Following the arrest of Wick, many of his fans are requesting his release as soon as possible.

Similarly, at the time no mugshot of the rapper Nardo Wick has been posted. We are unaware if he is out of jail or not.

Nardo Wick Age & Real Name

Nardo Wick’s age is 16 years old as of August 2021.

He was born in the year 2001 and he celebrates his birthday on December 30. This makes him Capricorn as per astrology. American rapper Nardo Wick’s real name is Marc Sorrentino. The stage name combination of Nar, and Wick, which is short for wicked.

His name has nothing to do with John Wick despite many fan’s theories on Reddit.

Nardo Wick Net Worth – Rich Enough For Bail?

Nardo Wick’s net worth is $80,000 or even more.

The rapper has racked up millions of views on Youtube. At the same time, his album sales are moving in a positive direction. Wick is at the initial phase of his Hip-Hop career. In the coming days, the rapper would be earning even more.

Besides music, Nardo sees himself investing in the stock market. Initially, Wick had a bad financial condition to start his career. He had asked 10 of his family members for $100 each to get his career started.

However, only two of his close members helped him. In an interview, he revealed about giving each of them back $1k. Nardo Wick already has a great future ahead. We can see him coming with more hits in the coming days.

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