Was Stukawaki Banned? Age Real Name And Net Worth

Why Was Stukawaki Banned On Twitch? Everything To Know

Why Was Stukawaki Banned On Twitch? Everything To Know

Twitch streamer Stukawaki was banned by mistake for a while. Check out Stukawaki’s age and real name here.

Stukawaki is a video game streamer on Twitch. He is mostly known for playing Call of Duty: Warzone live.

Twitch: Was Stukawaki Banned?

Twitch streamer Stukawaki was banned.

The streaming platform banned him while playing a live tournament. To point out, he was playing in a $20 thousand Code Red Freedom Warzone tournament.

He was playing a 3v3 Odd Man Out tournament with Tommey and Newbz at the time. His pals and he, himself were shocked seeing him kicked out in the middle of the tournament.

Stukawaki was blocked from Twitch on Wednesday, July 14. Twitch had notified his ban was permanent. Some sources on the internet report he was banned mistakenly.

Previously, his fans and teammates speculated he was prohibited from the platform for cheating. Also, he was rumored to have used some sort of hacking or unethical tools in the game.

But Stukawaki has clearly denied the accusations. Also, his account is back and running as of now. And it has been confirmed his ban was a mistake and the allegations have no truth behind them.

Twitch: Stukawaki Age – How Old Is He?

Stukawaki’s age seems to be over 20 years old.

But his actual birth details remain a mystery for his fans at the moment. The number above is just speculation based on his personality and looks.

In fact, we have not got a single clue about where and when he was born. The streamer has never mentioned his parents and family background during his live streams.

What is Stukawaki Real Name? His Nationality

Stukawaki’s real name is Ethan as per ESport Earnings.

Actually, his fans have never heard him mention his actual name during a live stream. Nonetheless, he is widely popular by his alias in the gaming community.

Besides, he openly reveals his face while playing games. Also, he posts pictures of himself on his Twitter account.

On the other hand, Stukawaki’s nationality is American.

Stukawaki Net Worth – Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Stukawaki’s net worth is not yet known but it is pretty obvious that he has made quite a fortune for himself.

He easily falls into the list of highest-earning Call of Duty players. He has made over $101k in his gaming career.

Besides, Stukawaki makes good fortune through his endorsement deal with Gfuel Energy drink.

Stukawaki has not revealed his girlfriend yet. Also, we have no clue if he is single or in a relationship.

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