Was Vlogger Peng Peng Arrested? Age Parents And Girlfriend

Was Vlogger Peng Peng Arrested? Age And Parents Revealed

Was Vlogger Peng Peng Arrested? Age And Parents Revealed

Vlogger Peng Peng was arrested probably for spreading false information. Get to know more about the Ugandan web star.

Peng Peng’s real name is Raymond Mutumba. He is a blogger based in Sweden hailing from Uganda.

Was Vlogger Peng Peng Arrested?

Vlogger Peng Peng was detained in Sweden. A Sheriff appears to be handcuffing him.

Peng was seized from his home as per CelebPatrol. It has been a few days since the news surfaced to the Ugandan news channels.

The reason for Peng’s arrest has not been revealed publicly. But it seems the authorities detained him for spreading false news.

As a matter of fact, the news of Peng’s detention followed the kidnapping of Fred Lumbuye. Fred, aka Chemical Ali is also a blogger based in Turkey.

To point out, Peng had his name on the list of most wanted bloggers of the Ugandan government. They were seeking them for sharing misleading information on the internet.

Actually, Peng and other bloggers had been defaming the NRM government and government personalities. Some recognized him for his controversy and disrespect.

Thus, his apprehension may be a part of the Ugandan government in its campaign against those spreading toxic news.

Peng Peng Age Revealed

Peng Peng’s age seems over 30 years old. But the number is based on his appearance and personality.

Actually, Peng has not shared the exact date of his birth yet. Thus we have no idea when the blogger celebrates his birthday.

Likewise, Peng holds the Ugandan nationality. But he has been residing in Sweden for a long time now.

On the other hand, Peng has not shared anything about his family background. Also, his early life and childhood remain out of radars as of now.

Who Are Peng Peng Parents?

Peng Peng’s parents are yet to surface the media. He has not revealed whom he was born to.

Peng has not disclosed the identities of his father and mother. Also, it is not clear whether he has any siblings in his family.

Actually, he had vowed not to go back to his home nation if Museveni is the president. Thus, it seems he has not been with his family for a long time now.

Does Peng Peng Have A Girlfriend? Know His Net Worth

Peng Peng’s girlfriend is a mystery for now. The vlog artist has not disclosed his relationship status as of now.

In fact, Peng does not share much about his personal life in his vlogs. Thus, it is not clear whether he has a partner.

Peng’s job is to create vlogs on different issues. He must have made an excellent net worth out of his career. But the exact figure is unknown.

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