Watch Hayes Grier Mugshot On Reddit

Hayes Grier Was Reportedly Arrested For Robbery, What Did He Do?

Hayes Grier Was Reportedly Arrested For Robbery, What Did He Do?

Hayes Grier social media star has a mugshot attached to his name. He has been arrested and jailed for violent robbery. Read to know more about him. 

Hayes Grier competed in “Dancing with the Stars” in the year 2015. He was also marked as the youngest competitor at the age of 15. 

Currently, his name is making headlines due to his several charges of assault, felony conspiracy, and common law robbery. 

Moreover, Grier is also known through his brother Will Grier, who is the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers. 

Watch Hayes Grier Mugshot On Reddit

Hayes Grier’s mugshot is distinctly found on the page of Reddit. 

He was accused of assaulting William Markof before stealing his $1,200 cellphone. The victim was also left with serious injuries including brain damage. 

Grier also had posed for the mugshot on his way in while he was arrested for the charges, which had led a brutal damage to William. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, “Markolf also reportedly sustained a broken left orbital bone, bruised ribs, head trauma, and hearing loss.”

Is He Jail After Being Arrested?

Hayes Grier was arrested for robbery, and cops caught him from Mecklenburg County. His arrest warrant was issued from his Encino, California home.

Furthermore, he was sent to Charlotte jail but has been released after paying $17,500 overnight. 

As per The Hills, “He is due to appear in court on 9 a.m. on Monday, the Observer notes, though it is unclear whether he must make his court appearance in North Carolina or California.”

We have to wait and watch more on the verdict judges will be making on Hayes. 

Hayes Grier Age – How Old?

Hayes Grier’s age is 21 years old. 

Since his young teens, Hayes has earned huge recognition and was known to be a huge Internet personality. 

Likewise, at the age of 21, he has also received a verified mark on his official Instagram account along with 5.6 million followers. 

Who Is Hayes Grier Girlfriend? 

Hayes Grier has not openly expressed his current love relationship to the public yet. 

But, he was in a relationship with Kalani Hilliker, who is a contestant on the Lifetime reality series Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

Furthermore, Hayes has not posted anything suspicious about his girlfriend nor photos of Kalani in his own IG handle. 

So, to conclude his love life seems pretty questionable, and a huge mystery. 

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