Wayne Couzens Wife And Children: Police Officer Arrested Wikipedia

Who is Wayne Couzens? Arrested And Case Update

Who is Wayne Couzens? Arrested And Case Update

Wayne Couzens wife: Who is the arrested police officer? Learn everything about his children and family!

Police have recently discovered the dead body of missing Sarah Everard. On the other hand, the case takes a new turn with the arrest of Wayne Couzens. Furthermore, Wayne is a former mechanic, who was working as a cop.

Wayne Couzens Police Officer Arrested Amid Sarah Everard Case 

The British police have arrested Wayne Couzens in connection to the Sarah Everard case.

Wayne Couzens is a police officer serving at the metropolitan office. He was employed under the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command. Likewise, Wayne was allegedly present at the crime scene on the day Sarah went missing.

On March 9, 2021, the police took Couzens under custody. During the investigation, police found that Wayne was behaving oddly some days before the incident. Similarly, he was also taking many sick leaves. 

Wayne Couzens Wikipedia: His Wife And Children Facts

Wayne Couzens is married to his wife Elena Couzens. 

Wayne Couzens and Elena Couzens have 2 children together. They have a 10-years-old daughter and an 8-year-old son. Likewise, they also take care of a pug dog. On the other hand, Elena was also arrested for assisting Wayne in the crime.

Wayne Couzens is the age of 48 years old. Likewise, he shares a good bond with his father Ray Couzens and stepmother Corinne. In addition, Wayne Couzens’s family consists of his brother named David. 

Who killed Sarah Everard? 

The murder of Sarah Everard is yet to be found. 

On March 3, 2021, 33 years old Sarah Everard went missing from the main road. Throughout the week, the whole of Britain searched for the missing lady. Unfortunately, police have found the dead body of Sarah Everard.

Currently, Wayne Couzens is the only prime suspect of the case. In fact, CCTV footage clearly shows Wayne’s some level of association with the case. However, the full investigation is still going on!

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